22 August 2009

What's up...

Chicken butt? lol.

Well, as I am sitting here with the bebe asleep next to me, I have to tell you. He's lazy. I thought today I would try using the SNS the whole day, and not give him the bottle....the bugger can tank like 4oz from the bottle, and using the SNS it takes him like half an hour just to eat 1oz. I had mercy on him and changed the tube to the middle one (I was using the skinnier one that makes him work), but at this rate, I might have to change to the biggest one just so he A) eats enough B) will go more than 30min without getting fussy cause he's hungry. It's this cycle, he eats and falls asleep because it's too much work, and when I leave he wakes up and is fussy, becuase he's hungry. Boo.

Anyway, here are some pics that don't really go on the baby blog (except the one right below-but it's so cute, I wanted to share).

What a cutie! He was just in the carseat chillin and we looked at him and he's just smiling! I'm glad we caught one on camera
19 Aug

Visit from Sarah and her beautiful Scarlett (4 days older than Zeke)
14 Aug

New Running Shoes! My feet got bigger with pregnancy and I'm not too sure they will go back. But I couldn't take it anymore, so I bought some new shoes. I also bought some Oakleys... that are smaller than the ones Marcus gave me... in order to be good for running and biking. It was a pricey day at the Running Room. But I love that store.

Marcus got me some beautiful flowers... just because :D
12 Aug

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natalie said...

Running shoes seriously make a huge difference, don't they:) So your feet got bigger? Weird. All sorts of crazy stuff I may someday look forward to! BTW, Zeke is amazingly cute!