18 September 2009

Um...here we go.

Well, I had my oral surgery appointment today. The one where you get to ask a bunch of questions and all that good stuff. This is the breakdown, what I remember.

-liquid diet for at least 30 days, some people lose 10-20lbs during this period...perhaps I should use this to my advantage?
-not likely to have mouth wired shut, more likely to have rubber bands
-I'll be swollen like no other for the first few days
-My face will not be completely normal... for a long time *until after healing from second surgery, which will be 3-6months after this one in October, but they promise me I won't look like a monster...once the healing goes down :P
-I won't be working for 30days after my surgery
-I am not allowed to run, swim or anything except walk for 3months after my surgery

Hubby thinks that because of the vegetable state I will be in recovering from the surgery, I need to build up as much muscle as I can, and not focus too much on burning fat. I'm inclined to believe him, but I might double check with the nutritionist at Tripler. I'm sure he's seen a ton of surgery patients. Or something. Anyway, because of this I'm changing my Lean P90 workout to the Classic. It sort of works out perfectly, since today marks my first complete week of P90 (woohoo! Sarah, keep up the great work!). The new game plan:

Sat: Plyo
Sun: Shoulders & Arms, ARX, 1.5mi timed run
Mon: YogaX
Tues: Legs & Back, ARX, sprints/intervals
Wed: Kenpo/30-45min TJ
Thurs: Rest/Stretch, 30min long run
Fri: Chest & Back, ARX , 30min long run *either Thurs/Fru

I'm debating if I should change my running days. I go back to work on Monday, and my schedule will require me to PT with my workplace on Tues/Suns/Thurs depending on what set of shifts I'm on. This relatively fits into my schedule, however--MY running plan doesn't always fit THEIR running plan :P I know Sundays I can get away with doing my own running routine, since they always play sports and I cannot because of my jaw... but I'm not sure about the rest of it. Guess I'll find out next week when I go back to work.

That's all I got for now. I was a little depressed so I ate some fried chicken today after running. Hubs and I actually did a whole 29min jogging! I'm stoked. Longest I've run yet. He led and started out slow (slower than I would have) but I think it helped because I was able to keep going. Besides the long run is about continuing to run, regardless of speed. Over time the goal is to increase the distance covered in 30min...Speaking of which, Garmin wasn't working for me, so I need to see how far we ran...

Time for bed. I'm waaay late.

13 September 2009

Holy Smokes!

He is now 2 months old! A whole two months! (Ok, well technically it's Sunday, but it's still Saturday to me). I can't believe I've been a mom for two months. I can't believe that two months ago...little Zeke blessed us with his presence. It's hard to believe.

Hard to believe minus the 3days I worked that weekend at the end of August, I haven't worked in two months. It'll be rough going back, getting into the weather swing of things, getting back into the life of 12-hr shifts, plus a baby. Although, I'm not sure I'll actually have time to "get into the swing of things" since my surgery is scheduled for October 16th. It made me realize today that I'll return to work for less than a month until I have to be gone again (for 3-4 weeks? ish?) for recovery. Speaking of which, our pre-op surgery appointment is next week. I need to start writing down questions that I want to ask... like-how badly will my face look after surgery-for how long. I understand initial swelling and stuff, but...will my face be relatively botched for the next 6months until they start putting in implants and all? What kind of food can I eat while recovering? How long will it take to eat solids? Jaw wired shut or rubber bands? Quarters or Convalescent leave? [One is much easier than the other]. How long will it take for me to be able to work out again after surgery? So much to think about. Good thing Marcus used our points to get us an IHome FM/AM radio player.. meaning my little one can come to the hospital with me for recovery...and I won't feel bad. :)

My mom is finally here. Postponed her flight twice and she got here Friday night (last night). Such a blessing. Today, she watched the baby while we went to the beach to swim and get some Vitamin D (ya'll know how I get with beautiful weather outside and I'm cooped up inside)...then she watched him some more while we went to Coffee Bean --he read and I did hw. Which is what I'm supposed to be doing now. 75pt paper due Monday at 1900... I'm almost done with the first paragraph--worth 12pts. But I'd like to think this is the hardest paragraph? I dunno.

Before my mom got here the rabbit got here. He kinda lives a pimped out life. We don't close his cage door since he doesn't like our flooring (too slipper), and there's a dog training pad outside his door so he can have more room to cruise...I dunno. I think he's spoiled. Too bad he doesn't clean up after himself OR use the litter box like he's supposed to. Weird, I just saw him stretch-like a cat. With his butt all in the air and his back legs straight. Who'da thought?

Alright. Back to HW. I need to finish, so I can do CardioX, so I can sleep. I hope I get to do CardioX. I'm not sure 30min of ocean swimming/kicking is good enough for a workout. Reminding me, I saw a large sea turtle today at Kaimaina's. I was pulling to the left and I happened to look over... I literally SCREAMED underwater-- because it scared me. Ugh sandy water. I hate sandy water... I can't see things come up... like the suckin turtle. O well. Cool, but still scared the heck out of me.

04 September 2009

Long overdue...

You want words or pictures first? :P

Sarah and I have definitely gotten closer. I think the pregnancies being so close, and now I can finally relate to being a mommy, and well, God is a common factor. I'm grateful she's around, and willing to drive to Diamond head from Kapolei to walk (soon to be jog) together... Either way, the pics are from our first walk around Diamond head (about 4miles-3 Sep). It was a little hard to be walking the route we used to jog around, but life has taken its toll on us. Babies, extra weight, lack of ability to run while pregnant... either way. It was good to be out on our turf, and have something cute to look down at (babies), and we got in two jogging intervals. :)

Zeke enjoys being a rubber necker... and Scarlett is such a cutie!

We are very cool moms :)

What else is new. I'm having a hard time making time for quiet time in the mornings. It's been good to read my nightly devo and journal before bed... but I still wish in the mornings after baby was taken care of, I read and studied instead of getting distracted like I have been the past two mornings. It's been an interesting journey transitioning to mommyhood. At one point I realized I elevated the baby to a position that he shouldn't be... but I know God is faithful and will help remove the dross...

Marcus and I went to Maui for a day trip 5 Sep, I need to upload some pictures. We went to Haleakala and went snorkeling. Didn't get great underwater pics (it was in the afternoon and the sand was getting kicked up by the wind)...the baby stayed at home with grandma Karen and apparently was a very good boy. I got to pump and was scared they'd try to take away the milk through security. Thankfully they didn't, but they did scan and re-scan the bags, and when we walked up to the gate, they were like, 'Marcus and Brenda?' apparently they were waiting for us :P Thankfully they didn't leave without us... yay for checking in online :) It was fun, Tiring since we got like 5hrs of sleep the night before, but still fun.

That's all for now. I need to get the pumped milk in fridge and head to bed, before baby wakes up again :)