04 September 2009

Long overdue...

You want words or pictures first? :P

Sarah and I have definitely gotten closer. I think the pregnancies being so close, and now I can finally relate to being a mommy, and well, God is a common factor. I'm grateful she's around, and willing to drive to Diamond head from Kapolei to walk (soon to be jog) together... Either way, the pics are from our first walk around Diamond head (about 4miles-3 Sep). It was a little hard to be walking the route we used to jog around, but life has taken its toll on us. Babies, extra weight, lack of ability to run while pregnant... either way. It was good to be out on our turf, and have something cute to look down at (babies), and we got in two jogging intervals. :)

Zeke enjoys being a rubber necker... and Scarlett is such a cutie!

We are very cool moms :)

What else is new. I'm having a hard time making time for quiet time in the mornings. It's been good to read my nightly devo and journal before bed... but I still wish in the mornings after baby was taken care of, I read and studied instead of getting distracted like I have been the past two mornings. It's been an interesting journey transitioning to mommyhood. At one point I realized I elevated the baby to a position that he shouldn't be... but I know God is faithful and will help remove the dross...

Marcus and I went to Maui for a day trip 5 Sep, I need to upload some pictures. We went to Haleakala and went snorkeling. Didn't get great underwater pics (it was in the afternoon and the sand was getting kicked up by the wind)...the baby stayed at home with grandma Karen and apparently was a very good boy. I got to pump and was scared they'd try to take away the milk through security. Thankfully they didn't, but they did scan and re-scan the bags, and when we walked up to the gate, they were like, 'Marcus and Brenda?' apparently they were waiting for us :P Thankfully they didn't leave without us... yay for checking in online :) It was fun, Tiring since we got like 5hrs of sleep the night before, but still fun.

That's all for now. I need to get the pumped milk in fridge and head to bed, before baby wakes up again :)

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~The Farntastics~ said...

We are :) I am SO happy you are such a big part of my life, God is good.