18 September 2009

Um...here we go.

Well, I had my oral surgery appointment today. The one where you get to ask a bunch of questions and all that good stuff. This is the breakdown, what I remember.

-liquid diet for at least 30 days, some people lose 10-20lbs during this period...perhaps I should use this to my advantage?
-not likely to have mouth wired shut, more likely to have rubber bands
-I'll be swollen like no other for the first few days
-My face will not be completely normal... for a long time *until after healing from second surgery, which will be 3-6months after this one in October, but they promise me I won't look like a monster...once the healing goes down :P
-I won't be working for 30days after my surgery
-I am not allowed to run, swim or anything except walk for 3months after my surgery

Hubby thinks that because of the vegetable state I will be in recovering from the surgery, I need to build up as much muscle as I can, and not focus too much on burning fat. I'm inclined to believe him, but I might double check with the nutritionist at Tripler. I'm sure he's seen a ton of surgery patients. Or something. Anyway, because of this I'm changing my Lean P90 workout to the Classic. It sort of works out perfectly, since today marks my first complete week of P90 (woohoo! Sarah, keep up the great work!). The new game plan:

Sat: Plyo
Sun: Shoulders & Arms, ARX, 1.5mi timed run
Mon: YogaX
Tues: Legs & Back, ARX, sprints/intervals
Wed: Kenpo/30-45min TJ
Thurs: Rest/Stretch, 30min long run
Fri: Chest & Back, ARX , 30min long run *either Thurs/Fru

I'm debating if I should change my running days. I go back to work on Monday, and my schedule will require me to PT with my workplace on Tues/Suns/Thurs depending on what set of shifts I'm on. This relatively fits into my schedule, however--MY running plan doesn't always fit THEIR running plan :P I know Sundays I can get away with doing my own running routine, since they always play sports and I cannot because of my jaw... but I'm not sure about the rest of it. Guess I'll find out next week when I go back to work.

That's all I got for now. I was a little depressed so I ate some fried chicken today after running. Hubs and I actually did a whole 29min jogging! I'm stoked. Longest I've run yet. He led and started out slow (slower than I would have) but I think it helped because I was able to keep going. Besides the long run is about continuing to run, regardless of speed. Over time the goal is to increase the distance covered in 30min...Speaking of which, Garmin wasn't working for me, so I need to see how far we ran...

Time for bed. I'm waaay late.

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