29 October 2009

I'm alive

and well, alive. Marcus has been an amazing husband and taking care of me. In the hospital and outside (as we drove home today). Lots to write on, but for now, prayers for a speedy recovery is greatly appreciated.
Night night-

26 October 2009

Some pics...

Hung out with Sharon and her princess Brooke :)

The two mommies

Family photo...

The little update...night before my surgery and praise be to God I'm not too anxious. I know that this whole thing is in his hands, there is nothing that will surprise him. Everything that happens is in his hands, and there is nothing that I can do about the surgery. So, why should I worry about it?

I've shared this story with a few people tonight, and they're all amazed at my calmness, but I have to give it all to God. Wax & Aaron prayed over me Sunday morning, that I would have calmness and supernatural peace only from the Lord. And God is good!

Although oddly enough, I tried to take my test today (after the instructor gave us 24hrs extension) and when I went in to take the test (timed, 4hrs, only can open once), it was closed! There was no test. Ah, the Lord has an interesting sense of humor. I emailed my instructor (he's 5hrs ahead of me) and I told him I would try to wake up at 0330 in order for him to give me the test and I can try to accomplish it before I have to leave. Report to hospital at 0730 (leaving at 0630, gotta love Tripler traffic).

So it's 2308, I have 52 minutes of food freedom... and then it's fasting and liquids for 30 days! I'm sure it'll help me lose that excess baby weight :D

night night ya'll! See you on the other side.
God bless!

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Rom 8:18

21 October 2009

Something like that...

Well, my good friend Sharon said she would read my blog... so I thought I'd make an update just for her.

Life has been interesting the past few weeks. I mean, seriously I'm sitting here NOT doing hw and watching JAG. Not the best choice, especially since I have TONS of hw to do... class ends in a week or so, and I gotta do blog, discussion post, paper, and test. UGH. But at least from this, it'll be over for a few months. I've opted to not take a class next semester (Nov 14-Feb 3), it'll be the first break in the past year.

Well, mom is still staying with us. We'd like for her to move out after the surgery recovery, but we'll have to find a place within her budget range. And in a place that she isn't in the sketto. We had a huge falling out the other night. I never realized I had such anger issues and I really wanted to hit something or someone. Fortunately Marcus came to the rescue and saved me. Afterwards God has been knocking at my heart about being a peace maker (choosing to let God rule over me instead of letting my emotions rule of me), taking opportunities even when I'm tired. For now I try to hold my tongue, and remember that love is long suffering and still kind through it all.

On the amazing side of it all, God has really made himself evident through things. Especially when a coworker's wife was in the hospital at 31 weeks with preterm labor. They couldn't get the contractions to stop, and I emailed Marcus and asked him to pray, and I prayed too... and we found out later that her contractions did stop! She was released the next day and is doing well. Fortunately her husband is now home (he was deployed), he got home a few days afterwards. But I got to hang out with her a lot that night at the hospital and I went to her place when Marcus was on a swing, so we hung out for a while why the baby slept on the couch. I'm very excited to see how God uses me in this relationship, and I think this time I've definitely seen how God wants us to love on people in order to draw him closer to them. I mean, it's not about me telling her about Jesus (right now), it's really about establishing that relationship. I can't wait to meet her baby boy... (is it always baby season?!). Especially since his name is Marcus. :D

That's it for now. Time for bed.

02 October 2009

Little Update...

Ok, well first the surgery has been pushed back to 27 October. Couple of reasons-for whatever reason (I think the MRI wasn't done correctly) Walter Reed was missing data to make my bone model, so my model was still not in as of now. The docs at Tripler need at least a week with my model to mold my titanium bar/honeycomb chain. Also, they wanted the fourth year resident for my surgery, and she was going to be gone. She's not essential, but it would be "nice" to have an extra hand. So we opted to go ahead and change the date, instead of waiting until the last minute to change it. It's better because now I have more time to work out, and enjoy whole foods. LOL. People keep trying to get me to try soups, but I'm in the mentality that I'm going to be eating liquids for 30days, I don't want to try it any sooner!

Man, on a side note, I'm excited that the new tv season has started... Bones, Lie to Me, Private Practice... Now I just need 30 Rock to start up again... and yay for Hulu who's playing Private Practice now!

Anyway, this whole surgery thing has been very interesting. I mean, I don't think I've ever asked for so much prayer from anyone. It's been cool, and Leila and her friend Connie prayed over me. It was nothing like I've ever experienced before. God revealed things to them that I know only He could have done. It was so encouraging and it was refreshing.

Um... I think I'm distracted by watching Private Practice. I know it's a big deal since Violet's life is on the line....everyone on facebook said it was a good one!