02 October 2009

Little Update...

Ok, well first the surgery has been pushed back to 27 October. Couple of reasons-for whatever reason (I think the MRI wasn't done correctly) Walter Reed was missing data to make my bone model, so my model was still not in as of now. The docs at Tripler need at least a week with my model to mold my titanium bar/honeycomb chain. Also, they wanted the fourth year resident for my surgery, and she was going to be gone. She's not essential, but it would be "nice" to have an extra hand. So we opted to go ahead and change the date, instead of waiting until the last minute to change it. It's better because now I have more time to work out, and enjoy whole foods. LOL. People keep trying to get me to try soups, but I'm in the mentality that I'm going to be eating liquids for 30days, I don't want to try it any sooner!

Man, on a side note, I'm excited that the new tv season has started... Bones, Lie to Me, Private Practice... Now I just need 30 Rock to start up again... and yay for Hulu who's playing Private Practice now!

Anyway, this whole surgery thing has been very interesting. I mean, I don't think I've ever asked for so much prayer from anyone. It's been cool, and Leila and her friend Connie prayed over me. It was nothing like I've ever experienced before. God revealed things to them that I know only He could have done. It was so encouraging and it was refreshing.

Um... I think I'm distracted by watching Private Practice. I know it's a big deal since Violet's life is on the line....everyone on facebook said it was a good one!

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