26 October 2009

Some pics...

Hung out with Sharon and her princess Brooke :)

The two mommies

Family photo...

The little update...night before my surgery and praise be to God I'm not too anxious. I know that this whole thing is in his hands, there is nothing that will surprise him. Everything that happens is in his hands, and there is nothing that I can do about the surgery. So, why should I worry about it?

I've shared this story with a few people tonight, and they're all amazed at my calmness, but I have to give it all to God. Wax & Aaron prayed over me Sunday morning, that I would have calmness and supernatural peace only from the Lord. And God is good!

Although oddly enough, I tried to take my test today (after the instructor gave us 24hrs extension) and when I went in to take the test (timed, 4hrs, only can open once), it was closed! There was no test. Ah, the Lord has an interesting sense of humor. I emailed my instructor (he's 5hrs ahead of me) and I told him I would try to wake up at 0330 in order for him to give me the test and I can try to accomplish it before I have to leave. Report to hospital at 0730 (leaving at 0630, gotta love Tripler traffic).

So it's 2308, I have 52 minutes of food freedom... and then it's fasting and liquids for 30 days! I'm sure it'll help me lose that excess baby weight :D

night night ya'll! See you on the other side.
God bless!

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Rom 8:18

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