21 October 2009

Something like that...

Well, my good friend Sharon said she would read my blog... so I thought I'd make an update just for her.

Life has been interesting the past few weeks. I mean, seriously I'm sitting here NOT doing hw and watching JAG. Not the best choice, especially since I have TONS of hw to do... class ends in a week or so, and I gotta do blog, discussion post, paper, and test. UGH. But at least from this, it'll be over for a few months. I've opted to not take a class next semester (Nov 14-Feb 3), it'll be the first break in the past year.

Well, mom is still staying with us. We'd like for her to move out after the surgery recovery, but we'll have to find a place within her budget range. And in a place that she isn't in the sketto. We had a huge falling out the other night. I never realized I had such anger issues and I really wanted to hit something or someone. Fortunately Marcus came to the rescue and saved me. Afterwards God has been knocking at my heart about being a peace maker (choosing to let God rule over me instead of letting my emotions rule of me), taking opportunities even when I'm tired. For now I try to hold my tongue, and remember that love is long suffering and still kind through it all.

On the amazing side of it all, God has really made himself evident through things. Especially when a coworker's wife was in the hospital at 31 weeks with preterm labor. They couldn't get the contractions to stop, and I emailed Marcus and asked him to pray, and I prayed too... and we found out later that her contractions did stop! She was released the next day and is doing well. Fortunately her husband is now home (he was deployed), he got home a few days afterwards. But I got to hang out with her a lot that night at the hospital and I went to her place when Marcus was on a swing, so we hung out for a while why the baby slept on the couch. I'm very excited to see how God uses me in this relationship, and I think this time I've definitely seen how God wants us to love on people in order to draw him closer to them. I mean, it's not about me telling her about Jesus (right now), it's really about establishing that relationship. I can't wait to meet her baby boy... (is it always baby season?!). Especially since his name is Marcus. :D

That's it for now. Time for bed.

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natalie said...

Wow, sounds like things have been crazy around there! I didn't know your mom was looking to relocate:)

How are things? I love the blog updates cuz its the only way I can stay up to date with whats going on island-side! When is the jaw surgery going to be? Let me know if you need anything and I'll do whatever I can! XOXO Nat