05 November 2009

God is Good.

I feel like I have so much to say. I always want to write a blog and I don't get to. I always get distracted doing something else. But I've discovered a new happy place. I can watch JAG while I'm on the computer if I go into the living room and sit on Marcus' happy chair.

Anyway. Went to the doc today, like I have been every day since Monday. Today he told me that maybe Monday my staples can come out (instead of Friday) and my wires will get cut (instead of Tuesday).

Oh geez, I just realized, ya'll don't know anything! I haven't updated anything since the surgery! I'm sorry.

OK. I hope I get can the days right. It's hard for me to try and keep track. Since the surgery I've stopped wearing my watch and haven't put it back on.

Got home from the hospital Thursday and I am pretty sure I didn't go back to the hospital for an appointment until Monday. That's when they were concerned about an infection. Over the weekend, I think it was on Saturday, maybe Sunday. I started to drip gunk out of my incision.
Monday they were like, "Oh crap, here's an infection." So they gave me some local anesthesia because here they go. Open me up some (and amazingly Marcus watched it all, but he said it was kind of clean). Anyway. They cleaned me out, lots of suction and saline I dunno. I do a lot of humming when they do these procedures on me because I cannot handle listening to all that stuff and ugh. So they cleaned me out. Then they put a little drain in me so the whatevers gunk flows out of me. And they changed my antibiotics.

I went back on Tuesday. Things were clearing up, I wasn't as swollen since the draining, and they were happy with the changes, even though the antibiotics hadn't taken an effect (it takes up to 72hrs) and... that's all I remember. Oh, I do remember asking him (Col Closmann) if it was possible for my bone to grow on its own instead of having to do the hip bone graft surgery in four months. He said, it's impossible, if I was 14yrs old then I'd have a 50% chance of the bone growing back on its own, but because I'm older it would take a miracle. Then he went on to tell me how like when a kid breaks his arm it takes like a moth to heal, but when an older person breaks it takes like 6-8 weeks, and then a 50yr old breaks their arm and it takes like 3 months. Actually the Colonel said, "If I broke my arm it'd take forever to heal." I like my doc, he's pretty cool. I think he's Catholic. Anyway. so I ask the question about his arm and he tells me that it's impossible. But I said, "Well it could happen, it would be a miracle." He laughed, and said, "Well if the first miracle is a virgin giving birth to a baby, I guess this could be the second miracle."

This was also the day they told me that I should be brushing my teeth and that a water pick is a good investment with all the wires getting the stuff caught in it. The holes between your teeth are not that big, and the whole in the back of my mouth like when your molars are closed, so when you're drinking stuff other clear liquids, even pureed, it gets caught up. I was surprised about brushing my teeth. No one told me! Anyway, I have this baby toothbrush I use to "brush my metal" like how Col Closmann says.

This is a funny comment, because today I told him (I don't always get to see him, there's three docs, Dr/Capt Elyassi, Dr/?rank Hsu, Dr/Col Closmann) that I was going to be his miracle patient. He told me that I'm doing a very good job since I'm the one person that is supposed to behaving a good recovery and I'm the one with the complications. There's another girl, we're very similar. Her tumor is a little bigger, on the opposite side, and she is a smoker. I guess she's not having any complications at all, and they expected her to. Well, okay instead of doing a hip bone graft later, because hers was bigger she ended up losing the whole other section of her jaw so they did a rib bone transplant with the titanium bar. *sigh* It's ok. God is bigger than me and my complications. I know Col Closmann would really be moved by this miracle, I am excited for it. I'm excited for God to work through this. I know there is something bigger going on in the clinic. Everyone knows me (when you come every day, they tend to). Everyone knows the baby, they ask about him. God is gonna work in amazing ways in that clinic. I know it.

So...Wednesday. I dunno.

At one point we tried to get our meds refilled at Hickam, but apparently I cannot get liquid oxycoton from Hickam because they don't carry liquid narcotics. LOL. Well, not funny at the time. But you know. O I know this was on Monday, because that's when I got my new antibiotics! So yeah, Monday, that's when we had that Hickam fiasco. That sucked.

Wednesday. That was yesterday right? Yeah... Docs still impressed with swelling going down. I'm doing better with feeling on my right side. Fortunately during the surgery, they didn't have to cut my nerves that deal with feeling, they're just a little damaged and worked from surgery.

So I had some drippage with my drain today (I think) and I made exclaimed noises. Col Closmann asked what was wrong, and I said I was dripping, he said he was surprised I could feel that, and then he cleaned it up. Today was also the day that they took my drain out. He said it wasn't really what he wanted to do, but he wants the incision to heal. He also told me that he doesn't need to see me tomorrow (hooray!) and that Monday could be the big day. Like I said earlier--staples out and wires off. You'd be amazed how amazingly good blended soups taste. The thought of opening my mouth to put blended in soup without having to worry about my teeth getting clogged up and cannot take in anymore...is super exciting. Seriously.

Through everything Marcus has been amazing. He's been eating blended foods with me (and helping me know what is good and not good). He bought me my water pick which helps my mouth cleaning a billion times easier. He bought me my heating pad to help me recover from my neck muscles and everything being sore from surgery and stuff. He just takes care of me. Bought my battery for my ipod player remote, so I can be more comfortable. He's a good man. I am so blessed (I have to remember this when he does something small and stupid that makes me mad). :D

My church family has blessed me immensely. Between praying for me, texting me, visiting me, reading my healing book to me, writing scripture on index cards so I can put them on my wall, taking me to Whole Foods and Aloha Salads to buy delicious juices and soups...it's been *mostly* encouraging. I've had some downs, but overall I have been very blessed. Especially when I consider that I deserve nothing but death (Rom 6:23).

Ok. It's super super late. I have so much more to say, but I'm sure this is enough to keep ya'll occupied for awhile. I took a later afternoon nap thanks to Natasha today, so I woke up around 1930 to take meds and hungry and then was fairly well rested by the time I ate.

Anyway. God is good everyone. He is a big God. I can't exaggerate him. He is so real. He was the same God in the old testament, in the new testament and forever. He did miracles then, he does them now, and he will continue to do them. Worship him!

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natalie said...

I hope everything goes as planned on Monday and that things start to heal without any more complications :) I have you in my thoughts and its good to get a debriefing about all the craziness thats been going on for you in the last couple of weeks!

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