08 November 2009

God's work today...

I want to share the things I've seen God do today...

The first cool thing/God-incident was my pen, I have this sweet pen from Shirokya. It has 5 different colors and you get to choose the colors inside (the refills). They have a lot of choices. It's an expensive pen, I threaten my coworkers if they take it, I'll hurt them. Bad. Well in the hospital it was the only pen I had so I used all the ink out of 4 cartridges and I have some green left. This is my Bible study/Journalling pen (I like colors for different scriptures and stuff)...and this morning, I was thinking that maybe I could ask Misty "to go an extra mile" and take me to Shirokya so I could buy the cartridges (which I was debating about buying anyway, cause I don't have any allowance left, and I was questioning if I *really* needed this pen, I could use the money to bless someone else instead) but I grabbed my pen anyway so I could buy the right colors and stuff and headed to church. Before service started I went to go ask Misty my favor, and before I could say anything she said, "Oh, is it ok if we leave right after church? I need to meet someone today at 1230, so we kinda need to leave right afterwards," of course I was like, O sadness, ok. That's fine, I was gonna ask if we could drop by Shirokya cause I wanted to buy ink refills for my pen. She laughed and said, "Oh no it's ok, I'll get them for you, I'm meeting my mom at Ala Moana (the mall where Shirokya is at)." I was like, oh ok (thinking, I'll just pay her back later. But then she told me she had wanted to buy my refills for me! And the reason that this is a God thing is because I'm very picky about things and I would have been slightly sad if she got the wrong colors... AND because of GOD I brought my pen to church (who brings an empty pen to church, I wouldn't have grabbed it if it wasn't for him) and Misty was able to go and get the right colors and everything. Isn't that cool? And I don't have to feel guilty about spending that money on me, I can bless someone else with it! (like all these stinkin people having babies... haha just kidding).

Second thing (more like a miracle) was in church during the worship time. I was blessed today by Michelle Tom and Misty's offer to pick me up and drive me home (respectively) since Marcus worked today, and I'm not allowed to drive. Ever since the surgery, my neck (incision site) has been draining, especially when they added the drain, even after they took it out. So I've always had to put gauze over my neck to soak up the ooze.

I took a shower this morning and changed my gauze before heading out to church, During worship time, I heard "Take it off" (in reference to my gauze). I wasn't sure if that was my wishful thinking (I always feel like the tape interferes with my neck movement, like it hinders me from straightening out my neck-you know how I always kink it to the right) or God. So I kept worshipping. Again I heard it, "take it off." Then I was like, "But God, what it if it leaks. Even if it doesn't leak, I don't want to gross people out with my incision and stuff, I should just keep it on. Again, "Do you believe you are healed or not? Take it off! You need to show people that I have healed you." I finally was like, "Okay, sorry you don't have to say it again, I'll take it off after worship." So after worship I went into the women's bathroom and I took off my gauze and there was absolutely nothing on it! It was completely clean! God has healed me and I got to experience his healing touch! I mean, I could have waited until the docs told me to stop wearing gauze, or until I didn't have to change it because it stopped oozing, but God blessed it and allowed me to experience HIM and his healing! Praise God!

Well I wanted to share these two things with you before I went to bed. I'm excited to get these staples out of my neck tomorrow, they're irritating my skin and probably should have taken them out on Saturday (Friday might have been too early-the doc said, "it'd be against my better judgement" and I told him we shouldn't chance it. I should have listened to God when he told me to have them take it out... argh. so my counter argument was,"well you can have the staples fall out before my appt. :D I kept praying they would fall out during the second set of worship. They didn't... but I did get to worship without any hindrance, so that was a blessing). And even though the wires come out tomorrow, I'll still have those "very tight" rubber bands that will only allow me to open my mouth "slightly more." It's ok.

God is good. I will rejoice. Amen!
night night!

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~The Farntastics~ said...

PTL for your healing friend! But.... I should remember not to eat breakfast while reading your blogs, lol!