18 December 2009

I slack...

I feel like I have lots to update on. Randomly while I'm doing something I'll either think of a FB update, or something that should go in my blog. :P But since no one has made any requests... I question you followers and your true followership. Nah... just kidding.

Ok. Recently, then we work backwards.

Today I found out that my pregnancy profile expires Jan 12, 2010. Meaning I am due to test in January. Then because my dental profile (no running, pushups, situps) expires Jan 27th I have 6 weeks afterwards to get in PT shape in order to test. But I'll take a test in January (before Feb 1) which will be my waist measurement (aka "abdominal circumference"/body composition) only since I'm not eligible for any other parts of the test. In order to pass I need 75pts, or I think since I'm only eligible for 30pts of the test, I assume I need 75% of that (22.5 points) aka a waist of 32 inches. OR if I am in my normal BMI (less than 25...aka 24.9) I need to weigh 145lbs. *sigh* I need to either lose 27lbs or... I have no idea how many inches in order to pass.

What does that mean? After walking into Amanda's office (Hickam nutritionist) on Wednesday and her helping me out a lot... I need to decrease food intake (while ensuring proper nutrient intake--soft food limitation) and walk for an hour a day, or at least 3xs a week. Preferably with the baby stroller. To start with food, I bought some Amy's organic soup from Costco and light Progresso soups...and today Sharon and I went walking (with babies) for over an hour. Good start...and to help curb depression (I've realized how much I miss being "normal") I am to have at least 3000mg of Omega3s/day through smart balance pb, avocado, flax seed, and fish.

Mouth/Jaw wise.... I'm doing better. I still cannot really chew more than one meal, or the jaw pops and it is kind of annoying/slightly painful. I have a huge hole on the right side where my teeth used to be... I call it my black hole. I'll have to take a pic. Swelling has gone down immensely (however, of course the day of family pics I was HUGE and not pretty... making me realize how incredibly VAIN I am) and I am grateful to continue the healing process. Appears next surgery will be in March. Dr Elyassi implies I should be able to start running before the next surgery. Hmm...Anyway. I've decided I will do the Great Aloha Run, walking with the baby. I'm hoping to find a partner. Marcus says he'll walk with me, but I tease him that he should run.

Went back to work Tues night... it was long. Supposed to checkride on the 30th for lead. That will be interesting. When I get tired, I slur my words more, my boss told me not to answer the phone. (adding to the, "I just want to be normal" tantrum I threw). Thankfully I took Friday off for church Christmas party, so I won't be working the 3day weekend--only 2 days. Easier to transition to, I think.

Well I need to sleep. Tomorrow Marcus is letting me shop for a Christmas Party outfit, so I'm determined to not wear the same dress as last year, and the dress from the year before doesn't fit well...and yeah. This year...pants :P

If you're thinking of getting me a gift this year... I'd like you to consider one of two things...

Seriously... I'd rather not get a present. A card... Ok. Hanging out with you... Ok I'll take that too. But a gift requiring purchase...please... click on the above links.

"One thing I ask of the LORD , this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple. ...at his tabernacle will I *sacrifice* with shouts of JOY; I *WILL* sing and make music to the LORD." Ps 27:4,6b

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Sarah said...

I have been feeling very lonely in the blogger world! So happy you're back :) I totally want to take these hour walks with you. I miss our stroller and non stroller time! How about I make you that giant cupcake after your test?! *HUG*