27 January 2010

Alright Alright...


I videotaped my child. I tried to tape him crawling (since Scarlett can you know...gotta do that friendly baby competition)... and instead he moved around a lot on his toosh and then decided he wanted to show off his ability to pull himself up...and as I'm videotaping, I start laughing, cause he's so proud of himself...and then I say, "You're gonna fall..." [hello, he was only holding on with ONE hand...showoff] and then... he did. He fell and knocked his head on the floor... and I...laughed. *sigh*

I'm still deciding if I want to post the entire video with him falling and laughter... or cut it out. Ahh... the joys of parenthood. I think I belong to school of hard knocks, or something.

Update with me... I ended up taking my PT test and passed...with a 75. Wasn't too happy with the score, but at least for my OPR and everything, it only matters that I "meet standards" and passing is meeting standards. I'd like to retest in March before the second surgery, so I can improve my score and have the opportunity to extend my next test date. We'll see.

What else is new. Ah I know... I won Volunteer of the year for my squadron, and my group. I didn't make it at the 13AF level, but I do get to have my picture posted on the wall in two different places---ALL year. :) Anyway. I went to go take my pic, and got all dolled up (well you know, makeup and service dress) and then the photographer showed me my pic. The first thing I noticed was my jaw line. It didn't look the same. I started to tear up...and I ran off to the bathroom. A Lt Col came in after me and asked me about what was going on, why I was so upset and all. In the end, she ended up praying for me. It was super cool. A stranger, someone I didn't know totally prayed for me and because we both believe in Jesus we are united... way cool.

Anyway. Time to get ready for bed. Three day work weekend tomorrow... :) and prayerfully I'll remember Mark 1:35 Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. and rise early for reading in the morning.