31 March 2010

Home safe and sound...

There seemed to have been some confusion, my surgery was 30 March. And thankfully this time I only stayed in the hospital for one night.

The doctors said that my surgery went really well. Three hours to cut a huge chunk out of only my right side and put it on the titanium bar. I was very stoked to wake up with only one side hurting AND they didn't band me shut. What miracles God provided!

This time I was in the Progressive Care unit, as opposed to the ICU or the Recovery Ward. It was interesting being in a different ward. At first I was not very impressed with the care. I felt like they didn't really care about me, or weren't aware of my case. Then they seemed huffy when I asked them to close my door because they were so loud in the hallway. But then the shifts changed and it went better. The nurses start to catch on about needing help unplugging and moving my right leg and going to the bathroom all the time. I had to change my IV location four different times because of whatever reason, my veins didn't like the potassium, or the antibiotics, or whatevers. It was difficult, but I'm glad it's over. All capsules and pills now. Hooray! No liquid meds. Just liquid diet.

No chewing for 6 weeks... So at least it's not a complete liquid diet, I can still blend some soups and all that good stuff... so we'll see. The docs threatened me. Saying that chewing will help destroy the graft, and I have to stay off my right leg for a couple weeks and no hard walking for 3 months. Prayers and taking it easy it will be!

Time for munchies... sort of... g'night!


Sarah said...

So happy to read this! Let me know when you're ready for hugs! God is GOOD:) G'night!

littlemissnoname said...

I was praying that God would work a miracle!! Thank you Jesus!