29 April 2010

just a quickie...

My sleep gets all sorts of screwy when marcus works nights. Either 4-mid, or mi-8. Either way... last night got to sleep late, which made getting up early to read with Sachi difficult, but still got there and had a good morning with her. I forgot how nice it was to be in the word and fellowship in the morning.

My appointment this morning went well...Col Closmann is very pleased with my recovery, and says that it seems the bone graft is definitely taking. Although it will not be done adjusting for another 4-6 weeks, I have now graduated to soft foods! Such exciting news! I will be getting braces to fix my bite that is off (and makes chewing uncomfortable--sadly), but my consultation appointment isn't until June 2 (sadness). My next appt with oral surgery will be in a month or two, depending on what the orthodontist says. He mentioned possibly last resort in order to fix my bite we'd have to break my jaw (I had to smile when he said this. Just a little...) but that's last resort, we'll see what the orthodontist says (Dr. Jensen-haven't met him).

I can walk without crutches now, just with a minor gimp (or depending on how far I've been walking). Pain is manageable with extra strength tylenol and ibuprofen, and I can now drive myself around...it's more moving the neck around that is an issue, as opposed to my leg and the pedals.

After all that, headed home to grab baby for his opthamology appt. Appears we have nothing to worry about with his "lazy eye" and perhaps it's an optical illusion since he has a flat nose bridge, and if it still appears to be an issue in six months, return for another checkup. Otherwise, he's got great eyes (dad was happy to hear, since he was afraid baby would walk out with glasses). Then some errands with the family...and home again, for shower and getting ready for...

My hair cut! Yep, it's gone. Hopefully I can get the donated hair off to Locks of Love soon... perhaps before going back to work. Below are pics from Photobooth (not the best since the lighting isn't that great, but for now)...my hair is dark since I haven't been in the water swimming a lot for a while now. Hopefully that will change since my profile says "walking/swimming at own pace and distance" and walking for a long time isn't exactly enjoyable.

Overall I really like my cut, and my stylist (let me know if you want a recommendation), and God totally blessed me even more today. I went to go get volumizing shampoo/conditioner and look at some other things at Bobbi and Guy at Ward. To my surprise they were having a sale on all ROUND brushes (which is what Kit used to style my hair), so I looked and they had one! Just for me...perfect, and only like $4 something (this brush was normally $13). AMAZING. THEN if you buy certain brands in certain sizes, you can bring it back for a refill... for half the price of buying new ones. Amazing! So for now, I'll be a Paul Mitchell person. So exciting. AND they give a military discount. 10%. Awesome. Next adventure-finding some styling stuff ("paste" apparently).

God is lord of all...even the little details. :)



Kimberly Shigeoka said...

yay soft foods! And new haircut, it's always nice to get a haircut ^_^

Billie said...

AH! I love it! Soft foods AND new hair cut. Awsome! Awesome? I don't know how to spell anymore! Glad to "hear" that things are going well. :-)