12 April 2010

Life update...

I suspect it's time for an update. Especially since I went to the doc this morning. This is what he said:
-Don't spend all day in bed, You could get blood clots. But don't put a lot of weight on your right leg. Just live life like normal...with crutches... do you want a cane?
-Let's get those staples out .... hunh, looks a little red. No ocean or pool for at least a week... ok fine you can go in this weekend, as long as it looks better than this. No, I wouldn't be concerned about those red dots.
-Your neck looks great. No, don't pick at the glue, it'll come off on its own Yeah, your bone graft will change shape for the next six months or so. The bone was cut into blocks you know, we tried to shape it accordingly, but it'll eventually calm down and look normal...but I'm fairly confident your graft is taking... as long as there is no ooze coming out anywhere, or swelling.... etc.
-NO, no chewing. Biting counts as chewing. Not for another 4 weeks.
-Looking good, see you in TWO weeks! Then we'll talk about braces...and try to stop taking narcotics... try to just take tylenol and ibuprofen.

I think that's about all the updates from the mouth people. I about killed myself on my crutches walking down the hall at the oral surgery clinic. Good one hunh?

Otherwise...looks like I'll be be back at work on time, and feeling exponentially better in a couple weeks. I hope so...

In the meantime, I have some gory pics... but as noted by the baby blog post from yesterday... I'm not really into downloading pics lately, trying to minimize my computer time...

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