01 April 2010


Well, maybe one day I'll post pics. But it isn't pretty. Good thing I cannot see my hip. I cannot imagine how that looks. Let's see... not eating chewy things are going ok. Marcus is doing great blending stuff for me... Had some poke with rice, and delicious soup from Covenant Books, and this morning he made me a shakeology for breakfast. I also had some greek yogurt with honey, and some Pohnpeiian spaghetti. I think once I can start thinking clearly, I'll start planning some meals so I can stick to healthy stuff. Need to lose some weight you know, since last time I only lost about 7lbs. As long as I lose it healthy, it'll be great. Gotta eat good stuff. Been drinking some v8 Fusion to help get some veggies in too.. and milk for those antibiotics/painkillers in the middle of the night.

Pain. It hurts. The hip is nuts. Like I keep saying over and over, I'm so grateful I don't have both hips jacked up. Dr Closmann even said there was a little bit extra. Although, apparently I have thin bones (darn it, guess I cannot blame being thick boned for being "large" lol). But like I said, miraculously despite thin bones, they still got enough (5"x2") to cover my defect on my jaw, and with a little extra. Now, healing wise we pray that the bone graft takes and there is no failure, or else we'll go through this again. But regardless of what happens, I have to hold on to the fact that my God is a big God, and that he's in charge.

"I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever." Ps 145:1-2

Anyway... I cannot think of anything much new to talk about. My face is all sorts of swollen, since the steroids are coming out of my system, it'll be the 72hrs that is the worse of it all... so hopefully after today's pictures the swelling will go back down. I'm not sure. Next appt is on Monday, so it couldn't have been that bad, if they're not making me come back on Friday...so we'll see. I am very thankful that my wheelchair came in today. Yesterday, walking from the car to the elevator and to the door was difficult... even with crutches. So perhaps I might venture out of the apartment tomorrow... with my new ride :)

Checking out the scar... we'll see how it looks finalized

Morning after coming home... 1 Apr

Morning of Surgery... boo boo woke up (30 Mar)

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Billie said...

I'm so glad to see that things are going better than expected. I give you mad props for being able to eat blended poke and rice... that just sounds gross to me. Unless I misinterpreted that. You should "pimp yor ride" soon, it'll be great! God is so wonderful, words can't nearly express how awesome He is. I know He'll continue to take care of you. One other thing before I leave... I believe your son is going to break some hearts when he's older. :-)