12 September 2010

Na Wahine Swim (500m) and Spin (12mi)

This morning I woke up at 0430 to get ready for my first kinda real race in a while. By real I mean I wasn't participating in a relay (as I had for Tinman or the Commander's Challenge). Needless to say, I was disappointed that I finished 6th overall out of 13 participants, but at least pleased that I placed 2d in my division (and someone actually finished after me). I was happy with my swim time, and with my bike. I'm so glad I rode with our little Forerunner, I told myself to finish the ride in an hour (5min/mile pace)... and although Monstarrat kicked my butt (the first hill, when I immediately regretted not training), the rest was pretty good. Learning to play with my gears more, and looking forward to being able to do some rides with HACC (hopefully soon) to get more comfortable with hills. We'll see.

Swim: 10:18
T1: 4:54 (*note to self, probably just swim in shorts and biking jersey next time, until I upgrade to a tri top)
Bike: 50:23 (14.3 avg mph)
Total: 1:05:34

Let's just say, it's definitely more motivation for Honu next year...