28 November 2010

well ladies & gents...

I hobbled my way through 1.5 miles on the Punahou track yesterday afternoon... thanks to Marcus who kinda hounded/mentioned/encouraged that I need to start working out again (getting cardio up, and running/jogging).

Anyway. By lap 3 I was totally done for, lungs were burning. Lap 4 I wanted to quit, then finishing up lap 6 I took my headphones out cause I was trying to push it, man I sounded like I was going to die. I cannot imagine what all those other people who were on the track and had to listen to me breathe were thinking. Thankfully I finished, in 16:30. My goal (for early Feb) is 15:50. Not bad, shave off 50 sec or about 8 sec/lap. It'll take time, but prayerfully I can get there. I also need to work on pushups and situps, something I've been putting off because let's face it, it hurts my jaw and it hurts my back and my hip.

Now it's already the next day and I haven't posted this yet. I was considering doing some walk/jog with the kid this evening, but somehow that doesn't sound exciting (and yet laundry does :P) Hmm... I gotta beef up cardio...Wish my stupid Jillian Michaels DVD would get here.. hmmph

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Sarah said...

They were thinking... "Man, She's Awesome!!!"