02 December 2010

To Blackberry or Not?

This week for work I've been in a Victim Advocate training class. Totally interesting and loving it. But, I've not been "at work" and literally have been spending my lunches from class walking (faster than trying to drive and park) to work, to check my email and try to stay on top of this "Change of Command Reception" menu project I'm working on for 10 December. Now, I currently have an away message for my email (something very important in my opinion... we're so email-centric the LAST thing you want is someone to ASSUME you know something just because they emailed you, but they didn't know you weren't at work...and so... see how bad this gets?)...anyway. I have an away message, and I also have an auto-forward thing going where certain emails are being forwarded to my personal gmail account.

Now that would be all grande and stuff, but I don't have a smart phone. I'm starting to think I'm one of the last people on the planet without a phone with internet capabilities. Needless to say, running back and forth to work during lunch the past 4 days makes me really consider if I want to cave and get a blackberry. Definitely looking like a good option.. because really, I could get a FREE one from TMobile (an upgrade--Blackberry Curve 3G--comments?) AND only pay like an additional $30/month! Hmmph, sure beats my husband's phone bill of $100. :D



1 comment:

Sarah said...

I also do not have internet capabilities on my phone and prob won't til next year when I am available for upgrade :)
See.... you're not the last one :)

YOU should get one though, you have legitimate reason and need for one. Immediately :)