05 January 2011


Today I had one of the longest appointments I've had in a while. Thankfully, I knew it was going to be long. So I was prepared. I knew I'd be talking with oral surgery about my future cutting open, and I'd probably be emotional. So I asked Marcus to come with me. Thankfully, he did.

First the orthodontist took off my wires (minus the wire chain on the bottom teeth), then they did impressions (seriously my *absolute least* favorite thing to do ever--serious gag reflux). Then I brushed my teeth and waited. Reminded oral surgery reception that even though I was "2 hours early" for my appointment, I was secretly going to be seen soon. And then they called me back. And who do I see, but good ole Col Closmann, sitting at the computer looking at my face. Bwahaha. Okay, not my face really, but a scan of my face (and bones). It's always nice when your surgeon says, "OH, I was just thinking about you." Then we talked about surgery. Whether or not I need another bone graft to prepare for the implants later on, the plastic surgeon that would be there to clean up the scar, what it will be like trying to remove the giant bar in my mouth, and if they would have to break my jaw or they could just wire me shut to align it all together....

In the end, 22 Feb is the big day. Going to try to remove the bar (will be difficult, it's huge). Once they're in they'll determine if they need to break my jaw, or just wire me shut to align it, and hope it stays. While they're in, and since my bone is fairly thin do a bone graft. Taking bone from my left hip. Then let plastic surgery fix up my scar, and game over. Wait a few months to start the implant process.

Another adventure! Good thing I have Jesus on my side :)

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