25 February 2011


Life is always an adventure right? I emailed my doctor today, saying, "Hey, we're at the point where steroids wear off right? So now we're swollen lots, as long as no fever--I'm golden."

So I sent him this picture.
But he was scared. You know docs, you get one crazy weird infection and they get all worried. Anyway, so I emailed him at like 11, and he made an appointment for me at 1430. So we headed up, and low and behold, nothing! They took my sutures out from my little plastic surgery neck incision, and then told me I'd be back on Monday (nothing exciting, we already knew that). He said to keep up with the antibiotics, and now change it over to heat packs, instead of ice packs.

That's it. Thankfully it was the fastest I've ever gone to Tripler and back, on a Friday afternoon no less! Survived the trip.

God is good :)

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