28 February 2011

In case of emergency...cut the wire...

Which wire?!

**this blog is *NOT* for the faint of heart**

Holy smokes. This is the second time I've been wired shut, and they always make you wear scissors around your neck "in case of an emergency" and you have to throw up. It's kind of annoying, and people always ask why you're wearing scissors and blah blah blah.

Let's back up a little. They have me on this crazy antibiotic-augmentin. Top three side effects- nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. This is the third time I've been on it, since the first surgery I got that crazy weird infection that no one had seen in the hospital. So they changed it to augmentin the first time, and the second time just gave it to me right off the bat. Naturally they did the same thing this time. Except this time, my stomach would not get a break. I had crazy diarrhea (sorry, gross I know), my stomach was always rumbling, and I could hardly calm it down. This morning was the breaking point.

I was trying to get ready for our appointment, but I couldn't shake the nausea. I kept going back to the bathroom, thinking that maybe I just needed to use the bathroom. I was trying to get ready, and I found my scissors (I'd been bad and left them on the counter), put them around my neck and took my antiobiotics and children's motrin. Finally I got the point that I was going to try to take the suppository for treating nausea. Except when I got to the bathroom, I just ended up throwing up instead. Hurling is a better description I think.

All I could think was, "Don't panic, keep breathing, cut your wires." So I took the scissors off and tried to cut the wires. Harder than it seems. Kept trying to cut them, but it was hard to see (why is it that even though I drink liquids, I threw up chunks??). My tongue was going crazy, trying not to touch the chunks, which only made me more gross and nauseas. Finally I made it to the right side of my mouth, and cut the rubber bands, which cleared out the hole, and I was able to get everything out of my mouth by rinsing and draining from the right side. Finally I was all clear, the bathroom sink was a wreck, and my mom poor mom had to use the bathroom (while I'm trying not to freak out about throwing up wired shut).

Needless to say, we were a little late to our appointment, but they were pleased with my healing (inside my mouth, and the swelling). They decided to take me off the antibiotics (it's the hardcore stuff, literally like two antibiotics in one), told me to eat yogurt, take my pain meds sparingly ("all medicine is toxic"), I could drink through a straw, I am my own best doctor, and start doing things, but little by little. The advantage of not having my hip graft done is that there is no healing required, so it's all mouth focused now. Also said that if I go out, I need to cover up my neck (prevent scarring from plastic surgeon--I think this is a great excuse to go to Target and buy a big sun hat! ;D).

Anyway, my stomach has still be uneasy all day. I tried to drink some chocolate milk when I woke up from my nap in pain and took some meds for it. Took a little nap, still queasy. Drank some Sprite (Thanks Michelle!) and also some ramen broth (just cooked the ramen, but marcus strained noodles out).

Think it's controlled enough for us to head to Whole Foods to get some yogurts, coconut water, and possibly some delicious soup... we'll see.

WoW. What a day!

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Prov 18:10

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