02 February 2011

What a day!

I woke up feeling considerably worse than I did yesterday. Crazy sore throat (is the only way I can describe it)--it hurt to swallow... so of course I did want every smart person does, went to sick call (and brought my ABUs just in case I would be well enough to go back to the CGOC conference). At this point, I'm thinking I just want something to stop coughing and make my throat feel better.

I go to sick call, and surprisingly I don't have a fever (and I hadn't taken anything yet). The doc looks me over, says he doesn't think it's strep since he generally sees it in teenagers, but he'll do a swab anyway. Tells me there's some white stuff in my throat. Says I'll have to buy some sucrets (since they don't have any at the pharmacy), and he'll give me some cough syrup. I wise up, and ask for those cool capsules that help with cough (I had gotten them before). He says he'll give them to me. Then I ask when I cough stuff up, if I should swallow or spit it out. He told me, "Don't cough." O. My. Gosh. Really? Thanks doc. So he gives me quarters.

I text my friend who graciously allows me to crash at their place while I wait for my 1245 appt at Tripler (followed by Oral Surgery at 1330). By the time I wake up at 1145, I feel like I was run over by a train. My throat is ridiculously even more sore (I don't do anything and it hurts like heck, and when I go into a coughing frenzy I want to cry). I make it up to Tripler, thankfully find parking, and head to the cafeteria, praying they have soup, so I can eat a little and take some medicine (advil, anti-cough medicine)... so I feel like a cripple walking around, hanging my head, not talking to anyone (really hard for me, this poor dude dropped his money, and like a mute, I tugged his arm and pointed at the ground)... then I head to my first appt, and they peg me with a whopping 101 fever. I know right?!?! Where was the fever when I was at the DOCTOR's office?!? Anyway. That appointment was awful. Really.

Then Oral Surgery. Ah. Yes. Oral Surgery. 22 Feb will be interesting. More variables than I originally thought. Basically, they could break the left side of my jaw (and again, by break I mean cut), in which case they'd cut on the inside. I may or may not be wired shut or banded shut. I may have to use a syringe, or I may get to use a straw. They may do a bone graft, they may not. *sigh* the only definite thing is that plastic surgery will be working on the scar on my neck to get rid of that bumpy part of the scar.

Well... all in a day's worth of doctors right?

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Rachel said...

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