30 March 2011

Lack of sleep...

Ah.... I can take oxycodon with tylenol (I think it's called Roxicet or something), I can take two sleep aids, I can take flexiril (not all together mind you)...and I still find myself not able to sleep before midnight (last night I went to sleep after Marcus got off a swing, like around 0030, and that was the earliest for a while!). I'm hoping that tonight is like 1130 or something. *sigh*

Anyway. I know it's been awhile, I just, don't know. I feel like I've sometimes tried not to be on the computer because I thought perhaps blogging hindered sleep.

So, we're passed 5 weeks (that was yesterday), and last night my wires felt loose on the back left side, so I kind of tightened it with my needle nose pliers. But that was after I had emailed my doc about being worried. Needless to say he made me come in this morning... he said he would cut me free, but the colonel outranked him and said no. That was a brief point of happiness... but it's okay. Needless to say, the doc told me to not do their job...lol.

Other exciting news...I'm not sure I've officially announced it, but we're PCSing to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky! It's actually half in Kentucky, half in Tennessee. I'll be leaving for training late July until late Sep. There are so many logistical things that have to be worked out, Marcus and I have never moved with the military before...so... our heads are spinning. In. So. Many. Ways.

It's a good thing we believe in a big God that has our lives in his hand. And part of my devotional today was: Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 1Peter5v7 Totally meaningful!

Random stuff... I have 5 classes left for my Masters. It's been on hiatus for two terms now. The first one I had to drop because I had failed to know that I had to take that class before my capstone class. And then the term afterwards, the class started the day before my surgery, so that was definitely a negative. So...the next registration is May 2, with classes starting May 23. And conveniently ALL three of my classes are offered this summer. Curse the summers and their wide variety of classes! :P Anyway, my goal is to finish my two SOS correspondence units BEFORE my grad term starts. That's a pretty big endeavor. In so many ways. It means, instead of doing something like this I should be doing all my reading for SOS. Goal is to take second test late April, and then the third test Wed before my class starts. Maybe ya'll can keep me accountable?

Needless to say... in FIVE days, I'll get to brush the inside of my teeth. Huzzah!

25 March 2011

What. A. Day. Too.

Is it sad that "What. A. Day" was the name of the blog for Monday? haha. Hence the "too."

Today was my first day back (Thanks Sarah for the best wishes). Needless to say, I had no idea what to expect. I expected a lot of questions, and perhaps funny faces as I ate or tried to talk. I did not expect to be so rushed getting out the door, that I'd forget to take my flexiril. Normally I take it first thing in the morning with my breakfast drink (to my horror, there was no Carnation Instant Breakfast left... although I swore I had one package left). But because my night ended later than I expected last night, I was trying to make sure I didn't take this morning one any sooner than the 8hrs...and while I calculated in the shower that I was fine, I failed to remember to go back and take it.

Big. Mistake.

Walking into work I turned some heads. I thought I'd stick around for the big shift change, only for the internet to not be working, so they did individuals, and off I went to find an "admin" computer I could use. People asked how I was, I told them I'd forgotten to take my meds this morning. People asked why I was at work if I was still in such "bad condition," I informed them I was under the impression we were strapped for people (but apparently not so much). It was good to go back, took care of some things that needed my attention (you know, random taskers). Also got my training RIP that was due tomorrow, but we're trying to do a DEROS curtailment to make it easier for me to come back to HI to travel with the family to KY.

Needless to say, by 7 hrs into work, my pain was up quite a few levels... and I walked into my commander's office. I informed him that my direct supervisor who was writing my schedule said that I was non-essential until April 4th (the day my wires come off, I'll be in at work at 1400). I told him that although part of the high pain level could have been because I had failed to take my medicine, and I was willing to give it a try on Monday with the meds in the morning, there is a possibility that there indeed is just too much talking at my job, and I would not be returning to work until after my jaw is free. He was definitely more willing to accept this, when I told him that my doctors were surprised I was returning to work wired shut, and my doctors would be more than willing to support another bout of convalescent leave.

I walked out relieved. Debated going to the commissary to pick up essentials (Carnation Instant Breakfast of course! Along with french vanilla yogurt [easily eaten at work without having to blenderize it], and pulp-free calcium OJ). I opted to stop by while I was already on base, because it could come in handy should I return to work on Monday, and for whatever reason, have to pay for work pain this whole weekend.

Thankful for a relatively short drive home (state holiday--took Dillingham), as soon as I walked in the door, flexiril and oxycodon in my mouth. Thank goodness. I needed to rest a little to let the meds kick in, since the David Crowder concert would be in 4 hours. It took a while to finally rest and fall asleep, and it was only for a short bit (about 30-45 minutes), but worth it.

Worship was totally awesome. I missed our church's worship night last week since I had taken flexiril and passed out. So this was a chance for me to just worship, between me and God. Some people went for the concert, to see the man David Crowder, or whatever. But I went to worship. And it was good.

And I got home, and was starving. After eating 2 donut holes (breaking into pieces and stuffing into my hole on the right side), drinking a glass of milk, 1/2 cup of blended baked beans with some water (to thin it out), and almost a full glass of iced tea--I was, "full." Which makes me think perhaps my stomach is only 18oz big or something. Weird thought, I know. But still. Would you be full after eating that?

Well, that's all I got. I recommend you check out any music by David Crowder. He's definitely a gifted worship leader, and songwriter. Some favorites are: Shine, You are my Joy, How He Loves, Undignified, Here is Our King, O Praise Him, and definitely, Like a Lion.

For your enjoyment: Shine

24 March 2011

So much to say-

I didn't blog yesterday. Felt weird. What happened is I was so set on going to bed early so I could transition to me going to bed early tonight, for work tomorrow morning. Eeps, I know, work...tomorrow! Not excited. I tried packing food...oh boy. I don't even know where to begin. :/

Anyway. As Mariko and Scott came over to return my laptop that would now let me check my work emails...I found out my next assignment-Ft. Campbell, KY. It's actually pretty close to the border between KY and TN. Definitely not Ft. Lewis, WA or Beale AFB, CA. Quite a change in scenery and lifestyle as well. I won't sugar coat it, it was like a punch in the stomach. Took some getting used to. It's kind of settled in, as I looked into housing yesterday near the post... and then my sq/cc responded to an email I sent before I had legit information from vMPF (after logging into computer), and he said he had no idea, my location wasn't confirmed, and as soon as he knew, he'd let me know. I replied that I had received notification about my assignment and where it was. He said he would check with the assignments officer, and to stand by. That was almost 12hrs ago. EH. I'm thinking KY will be our new home. :)

That was yesterday (minus the CC's email today).

Then, Marcus kept talking about wanting to go to Tmobile... so I finally caved in today after my appointment at Tripler, after my massage in Kaneohe, and after my eyebrows were done on Ward. We went to Tmobile Kahala. Holy smokes. Seriously. So many people. Needless to say, 2 hrs later we both walked out with an LG something or other. Smart phone, with a touchscreen, and unlimited data. WOAH. This could seriously come in handy (driving and needing directions!)

Well, as mentioned earlier, I have work tomorrow. My first shift. It's an "admin" shift, so it's kinda flexible hours-wise. But I want to do 6am-2pm so after shift change I can leave...get home and rest before the David Crowder concert! Yess... It'll be awesome. I won't be able to sing along as much (wired shut), but, it'll be nice.

22 March 2011

FOUR weeks...and my 200th post!

It's hard to believe that I've written 199 random posts (not including this one) since I've started this blog 3 1/2 years ago. Wow. I do know I've written one every day since this surgery. That's crazy.

Anyway. It's been four weeks since the surgery (and I go back to work this Friday). And what do I have to show for it?

My work email is so full, it's bouncing back emails to the original senders (that's a way to make someone mad!). And a PC that up until 20 minutes ago, it wasn't working. But apparently my friends got it to work, too bad it's in Makakilo right now.

Four books that I'm in the middle of trying to read: Lord I Want to Know You More by Kay Arthur, Spiritual Leadership by Henry and Richard Blackaby, Praise Habit by David Crowder, and Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going by Joyce Meyer.

A binder filled with my SOS readings for Unit 2 that has remained in my backpack since my last day of work.

Five groupons, one livingsocial deal, one hotdeals hawaii, and one playhawaii deal. Most of which are food, and one is being redeemed tomorrow! (Hair cut and highlights @ beauty bar).

Lots of canned items in our kitchen, as well as drinks in the fridge.

Finally crossing the 160 threshold, into the 150s. (and DETERMINED to not "gain it all back" when I am cut free)

A lot of emotional ups and downs, not to mention spiritual ones too.

A newfound passion for tennis, even if I'm not that great at it. However, I am told I "look" good when I hit the ball.

A renewed interest in make-up... we'll see how long that lasts when I start working again.

A new favorite clothing store: Banana Republic Outlet.

Two returned iPads, and one iPad2 in transit.

That's all I've got right now. It's getting late, and my pain meds are kicking in.

Just want to let you know how incredibly blessed I am. Sometimes I forget that. I get so caught up in the now, and my stupid emotions (no, you shouldn't follow your heard, because your heart is deceitful above all things! Jer 17:9) that I forget all of what God has done. Today made me remember that. Girls came over to play tennis with me. A far away friend had a care package mailed to me, filled with bath time goodies. I got to enjoy a nice vanilla soak this afternoon. Two friends drove all the way out from Makakilo this evening to help me with my computer problems (see above comment about work email). I also got to catch up with them, and plot about my future apple purchase.

21 March 2011

What. A. Day.

Today was my beloved appt at Tripler.

In less than 2 weeks (since it's already 10pm), I'll be free of my wires. I know it won't be time for steak and raw carrots, but it'll be clean on the inside of my mouth, and no food getting stuck in my teeth when I eat blended soup.

They also tightened my wires (blast it all!) I knew they had to, but I was soo hoping they would cut me free, let me brush my teeth, and then re-wire. NOPE. I guess the more they mess with the wires, the greater chance of popping a bracket off. I left in pain. Plus the fact I tried to show them how much I could open my mouth when I yawned, and my left side popped. Boo. That hurt all day. And thankfully, gave me some more strong meds for the rough days. And told me that the mark on the side of my mouth should go away without scarring, so I just keep putting neosporin on it. They also took the tape off my "under the chin" scar. Told me to start putting spectra gel on it, and keep it out of the sun. It's kind of like a one-sided chin lift. bwahaha.

Then M & I headed for our weekly commissary run, and dropped by Costco on the search for some delicious Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino...
But alas, there was none. Only carrot juice and then pomegranate juice. Then I called the Hawaii Kai one, same deal. *sadness* Thankfully, Tripler's snack stand has the vanilla chai one, but sadly no mocha cappuccino.

Headed home and took a short nap until Sherri came over. We were gonna watch Inception, but it didn't work out, so we started watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. That is one crazy movie. I think I liked Singing in the Rain better.

Randomness until meeting Angie at Glazers to go over Proverbs 21.

Every time Marcus works swing shift, I generally stay at home and mope around. This afternoon was much better --hanging out with people, was good. Although, I keep thinking that I'm always going to beat the hubster going to bed, but it doesn't always work out that way (M gets off in half an hour)...so much for that one.

See ya'll on the flip-side.

20 March 2011


Well, ya'll probably know about my little rant last night. Oh believe me, it was way worse. That was the edited version, mostly cause Natasha reads it :P Just kidding. It was mild because, I felt like I was being really childish. Well, I was. Or at least seeking fulfillment from other people and not God.

The morning started off rough. I was so frustrated, I didn't want to be around the very people that I felt betrayed me. I felt like it would interfere with worship and learning from the word. I attempted to make it to One Love's 8am service, but I'd like to thank the flexiril (muscle relaxant) for making it not so easy to get out at 7, plus some pain... Instead, I opted to head to a Calvary Chapel instead that was still close to Refresh so I could head over to pick up Natasha (we had a hot date for manis & pedis!). I went inside, in the middle of worship. Awkward... and then as I tried to worship, it was so hard. I felt like that new kid, that people stare at. Then I was like, what if they think I'm a horrible person because they can't see my lips move (hard trying to sing while I'm wired shut). So I closed my eyes, and sang. And then, my stomach went into knots. I just, couldn't do it. I went to a different church to try to focus, and it didn't work. I just didn't want to go to my church, where the only reason some people would talk to me or ask to hang out with me, is because I threw a hissy fit.

So after the worship set was over, I left. During the meet and greet time I met some people and I left. Off to Refresh I went. Sat outside, because I was too shame to see someone I had argued with. Where of course one of the other people I argued with came up to me and loved on me. And of course Brandon came around to say hi, and prayed. and it was good. hard. but good. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to talk to Mackey (our pastor). I walked up to him (he's always available afterwards for questions). The first words out of my mouth were, "I need a rebuke." He laughed, and told me after he talked with Daniel he'd be available.

Oh man, as he said, I'm sure Zeke will never come up to me and say, "Mom, I think I need you to slap me on the back of the head." And even though he didn't say what I thought he would. It was still blessed. Still good.

Afterwards I grabbed Natasha and we headed to her favorite, Smileys Nails. Or something. Smileys something. For a pedi/mani date. It was great. I felt bad, because talking is hard, but I think she had a good time.

Headed home to relieve mom while Z slept, but he only slept for half an hour. I had my heart set on using my 30% off coupon for Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic (part of the Give to Get), where 5% of the purchase went towards a charity--this one was Feeding America. And I was all about going to the BR outlet. So I had to somehow convince my mom to stay home with the kid since he woke up 30min after he went down. Thankfully, I got it through (seriously, Sundays everything closes early... so I needed to get out to Waikele before 1800.

Boy oh boy. Old Navy was my first stop, with yoga pants in mind. I had that 30% off coupon, and I confirmed someone working that it was a 30% off of the bottom line. Oh baby, clearance rack!! I kinda struck out for me at least, but I got Zeke a cute couple of shirts and some shorts. And even though my yoga pants weren't on sale, I still grabbed a pair, and some a pair of capris. Loved them. The pants were a size MEDIUM!! but they didn't have that size in the capris, so I stuck with a large. But that was exciting. M.

Stopped by Borders, checking to see if they had Blackaby's Spiritual Leadership book. Yay, they did! AND I picked up two pop-up books for Zeke... of course he'll probably destroy them, but maybe we can only read them under supervision to try and preserve them? Haha.

Then came the part I would love the most, Carters. I was excited for their 30% off sale, which I thought was off everything (GOOD thing I checked!!) because it was only off the clearance rack. So I stayed at the clearance rack. Got some more shirts, and two rompers (my mom calls them that. The onesies that the bottoms look like shorts). It was me against the clock (mall closes at 6 yo!), so I rushed to OshKosh, only to be saddened. Walked out with nothing.

And... then... the motherload!! Banana Republic Outlet. Holy. Smokes. WHY have I never been to this place before?!? The fact that there were % signs everywhere, and I had an additional 30% off. WOAH. I was soo happy. Plus, I fit into their mediums! The same way I wear a NOTW extra large. Talk about confidence booster! And their stuff, was so nice! AND I didn't feel awkward. I mean, a little. But, compared to when I try to go to Ala Moana, this place was amazing. I bought many shirts. I was running out of time, in fact at 1820 this nice lady finally said, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but we closed at 6." bwahaha. So I got 3 short sleeve button up shirts (on sale for $10, without the discount! white, black, and a beautiful emerald). And a couple of nice layering short sleeves, and then some printed v-necks. I told Marcus the next time I get an awesome coupon like that, I'll be checking out the pants, and a couple pencil skirts. I read or saw somewhere everyone needs a good pencil skirt. I spent an exorbitant amount of money. But I also saved an exorbitant amount of money. I saved more than I spent. Totally awesome. When you see a shirt is normally $50, and you paid $18. Seriously, amazing.

Next week's goal is to get ... eeps! This week's goal, is to get some pampering done! Eyebrow appt is set, just need the haircut, and massage. I confess, I bought this ultimate spring getaway from the Ku'uleilani Spa. I get to enjoy a 50-minute fusion massage, an ultimate facial, and a cucumber eye treatment. Chee hoo! $75. I know Natasha thinks I'll never redeem these things, but oh I will! I think I'll wait for this one closer to birthday, or mother's day time frame. Because I want my face to heal. Granted I don't think it'll ever be perfect. I remember getting my birthday facial before Z was born for my birthday (great gift from my girlfriends!), and at that time it was just the tumor in the jawbone, and she had to be careful. So... I reckon we'll still have to do the same precautions this next time around. But still, it'll be awesome.

Well. It's been good. Somehow, my body has this anti-drowsy ability. I've taken the muscle relaxants every 8hrs, and I'm still awake. I didn't take a nap today! Oh boy. Hope to see you on the other side!

Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.
Jeremiah 17:14

19 March 2011


I wouldn't read this if you're sensitive.n Okay, well it's not that bad. I started going off on a super rant, but I'll leave it between me and God and Marcus.

Tonight, I had some issues. I recapped the almost last 4 weeks of con leave I've been on. It wasn't pretty. I got angry. Depressed. Frustrated. Pissed off. I felt like I had no friends. Not facebook friends that comment on my status or write on my wall. But real friends. That come to your house to visit. That text you just to see how you're doing. That offer to take you somewhere. They kind of come few and far between.

Something I have to remember about humans is they're not perfect. They let you down. Miserably. When I stormed off in my upset...God totally gave me the perfect response through Kay Arthur. "In my walk with God, I long to develop a spiritual disposition that causes me to seek Him immediately in every situation of life...The children of Isreal reacted over and over again to the circumstances of life rather than responding to the knowledge of God...they did know their God. They had seen His works with their own eyes...It is one thing to know about God and another to live in the light of that knowledge."

Great thing about God. He's totally perfect. Even when humans miss the mark. He's always there.

18 March 2011

New meds...

I've talked about the pain, how my muscles are crazy sore on my face, and I can't figure it out since I'm not chewing. So I guess my honesty with my docs paid off. He prescribed me a muscle relaxant to try to get my muscles to relax (ha, what a concept!). So I took half of one this afternoon and I was out for a couple hours this evening. Sadly, I missed a going away and our worship night. It was hard. But, my headache was gone. Seriously, like a miracle. Such a relief for once, to wake up without a headache. I was thinking today, amidst my anger-ness...that I've had such a rough time. These headaches have really brought me down. Emotionally and physically.

I woke up right before seeing a bright flash outside my window, and then realizing the power went out (oh. great.) Thankfully, mom was here, but the poor kid was freaked out. Thankfully, the power company got the power back on within, 30-45 minutes. Which was totally awesome. Since I just had woken up, I was pretty hungry. So once it got back on, mom gave the kid a bath and put him to bed. Poor guy is fighting a cold... again. Runny nose, sneezing, mild fever. Thankfully, he went down fast.

Today was another rough day. I think it was an overflow of yesterday. Being left alone, having to run errands, the pain of trying to be normal but feeling like I am so not. Takes its toll on me. And the grossness on the back of my teeth. Man, when you brush your teeth tonight, be THANKFUL that you can brush your tongue and you can brush the back of your teeth. And if you feel gross plaque build-up it's because you suck at brushing your teeth. bwahaha.

I got nothing else. Although, Covenant Books' Split Pea and Ham soup with some additional chicken broth is quite tasty. :) Thankfully Marcus picked up two bowls.

17 March 2011


Sometimes, you just have to let it out. Tonight it happened after a lot of pain. Physical and emotional pain. My jaw muscles are crazy sore. Which leads to tension headaches, or something not enjoyable. My left side hurts like when I used to be able to eat and all I chewed on was on one side, which is crazy since it's not like I'm chewing. Or eating for that matter. Which brings me to the other side of pain--I'm so tired of getting food stuck in my teeth. I tried to eat some minestrone soup, and after like 3 sips I had to clear out my mouth, which got me super irritated (I have been super irritable lately). A friend told me that after 3 weeks it should be easier right? I mean, it's halfway over. But no. It doesn't seem to be getting any easier. But tonight, after talking with Marcus I felt better. I think I try so hard to be so tough...

Savior Please-Josh Wilson
Savior, please take my hand
I work so hard, I live so fast
This life begins, and then it ends
And I do the best that I can, but I don't know how long I'll last

I try to be so tough
But I'm just not strong enough
I can't do this alone, God I need You to hold on to me
I try to be good enough
But I'm nothing without Your love
Savior, please keep saving me

Savior, please help me stand
I fall so hard, I fade so fast
Will You begin right where I end
And be the God of all I am because You're all I have

Everything You are to me
Is everything I'll ever need
And I am learning to believe
That I don't have to prove a thing
'Cause You're the one who's saving me

16 March 2011

Too far?

Well, I attempted to organize a "spring break" tennis game for some of the girls. Needless to say, only two people from spring break came, but I think it was worth it. At least for me :P We got to play some short games, talk, and my favorite part, practice serving and hitting. I've realized my favorite game is when someone has the bucket of balls (or whatever that thing is called), and they just serve balls to me. Not necessarily me, like they have to hit it to me, but just get it to the other side, and then I try to hit it, and we play a little until it dies. My absolute favorite game. :) I think it shows the only child in me.

I got pretty red from it, I was attempting to get some color back on my face... but perhaps I overdid it. And, I might have overdone it with the working out part. I had to bust out the oxycodon tonight (I took codeine this morning before playing, and then some advil later in the afternoon), still hurting pretty bad. So I busted out the big guns. Speaking of drugs, leads me to doctors, leads me to an email I sent to one of the docs. I asked him if we could re-do the wiring in my mouth. I have these giant twisties of wire in my mouth, and one is smack dab in the front of my mouth. Which makes for GREAT collection of any and all particles that I'm trying to take in. Seriously, you have no idea what kind of stuff you take for granted in life with your mouth. Like opening it to eat yogurt (I get all sorts of pieces stuck in my grill!), or licking your fingers, or licking your lips... really. Be grateful yo.

After doing dishes, taking a shower, vegging out, and taking a mini-nap, the fambam and I headed to mid-week. Tonight was super blessed. I dunno why, but I felt like interacting with people. I wasn't crazy hungry so that helped, although I was crazy cranky. Pain? The deliriousness of not eating real food (my stomach shrinking)... pooor poor hubby. Really, you should pray for him--dealing with me?!? :D But like, I said, I actually had fun talking to people... especially Jessica. I miss my angry Korean friend.

Aunt Sharon had asked me how much longer for "real food" and I was like, well I get cut free in 3 weeks, BUT afterwards, it takes time for my mouth to get used to being able to open and all that good stuff. Which means I'll probably be on a soft food diet (think, mashed potatoes, still blended soups...) I won't be able to chew, and even though my soups still have to blended, thankfully, the particles won't get stuck in my mouth!! That will be... ah-mazing. Anyway... it means that in five billion years, I'll get to eat...FOOD.

Praise Report- Marcus got me a PB shake from Bubbies :) and...I got to pray for Sachi's knee (which I guess she injured and has a doc appt next week for) while we playing tennis she tweaked it. So I prayed, and it was neat to pray for someone else. So much of this surgery stuff has been asking other people to pray for me... but there is something amazing about praying for someone. I'm blessed I got an opportunity.

That's all I got folks. G'night.

15 March 2011

THREE weeks!

HUZZAH! I'm so excited. I never quite know when to start the count-down, since technically yesterday it was 3 weeks until I get the wires off, but today is 3 weeks since the surgery. I figure since I started counting the weeks from surgery date, I'll keep up the trend. Hey, how do you like the new look of the blog?

Anyway, it's exciting to be halfway done. Still at 158, but at least I don't creep up to 160 anymore. Although the nurse (Julia) at yesterday's appointment tried to remind me that "this is not the time to lose weight," and I need to be keeping up with my nutrients. *sigh* On that note, I can finally take a multi-vitamin (hooray! although it's more like I finally bought them so now I can take them). So that helps with the nutrients. Plus, I'm thinking about stopping by GNC to grab some different flavors of muscle milk to start increasing protein. Before my first surgery I saw the nutritionist at Tripler (sorry Amanda, your contract was in the works and you were MIA); he told me I needed 100g of protein...pfft. There's no way I get that... that's a lot of milk :P On that note, I'm on a journey to add more nutritious things to my diet...I started by drinking some Carnation Instant Breakfast this morning... and then for lunch had some potato and bacon soup, with chocolate pudding, and some baked beans. And I drank an entire glass of water! For a while there, water was not desirable... hard to get the flavors of food out of your mouth when you cannot brush all of it.... but it's getting better now.

That's it, the day is only halfway done, but the goal is to get to Costco, finish a load of laundry, and go to prayer tonight. We'll see how it goes. Alohas!

14 March 2011

Singin in the Rain

Tonight, after wasting much time while the girls were watching the kid... I finally opted to get ready for bed and try to sleep early. But I've also gotten "Singin in the Rain" from Netflix, so I thought I'd take advantage of it. I like it, I really like musicals and old movies. They're clean, you don't have to worry about rubbish... oh if TV and movies could still be like that!

Had my follow-up appointment this morning, and indeed Dr. Closmann was impressed with the decreased swelling, but not happy that I can move my teeth when I yawn. He tried to tell me not to yawn, and then I informed him it's very hard not to yawn when you have to yawn. Silly man. Anyway. He said, "the swelling goes down 80% the first 2-3 weeks, and then the other 20% two months afterwards. *sigh*

Otherwise, headed to the commissary to grab some more soups and other adventurous items. I'm getting desperate! I especially want some meat. So in hopes to use my hole on the right side to my advantage, we grabbed some corned beef hash, vienna sausage, and some tofu. I tried the vienna sausage-absolute success! Well, I get a ton of pieces stuck all over my mouth, but hey... yummy. :)

Then another looong afternoon nap and missed hubby leaving for work. :/ It's a long night for him, working a swing into a mid-shift, so he won't be back until the morning. These swing shifts are always the hardest on me... I try not to stay up waiting for him, but I normally do... except n this night, I have to remind myself there's no staying up!

Praise report: my never-ending runny nose seems to have stopped, as well as no more coughing up gross lougies! YAY! and the doc said if my stitches aren't out by next week, they'll take them out for me (thank heavens!).

Anyway, that's it for now. G'night!

13 March 2011


Well, sort of. On the plus side, I got to drive myself to church this morning. The kid and I were left behind since hubster was helping with set-up and the truck. Mom helped me load the kid (he's 27lbs heavy and squirmy) and off we drove. Then hubster helped me take him to childcare and off we went.

It was nice to be in fellowship, as it mostly is. And this time, it wasn't so hard to be around food. Well I mean, it is, but the best part of today was realizing that I'm almost HALFWAY done!! :) I mean, secretly a part of me is hoping that I'll go in one week for my check-in appointment and they'll be like, "Well, we can cut wires and give you some bands." But then I remember what Dr. Elyassi said when I asked how long I'd be wired. He said he wanted to be safe with me. Pfft. Like I'm some sort of special case :P

After talking with Sherri and Natasha I headed home... but when Natasha walked me to the car, we noticed a horrific boo-boo on the Matrix!! Sad Panda. I'm thinking it happened when M went to go visit the Qs last night and he was parked in their garage in guest parking. Otherwise, I cant really think. It's likely someone hit us, because there was a piece of red plastic like from a light embedded into the bumper. I dunno, at first I freaked out because I thought I did it, and I was like, "How could I not feel this?!?!" Then I realized it's likely that someone did it to the car, while it was parked. Eh...whatevers. It's all temporary right? Yeah.

Anyway. After coming home and doing random stuff, went down for a glorious 4 hour nap. Although waking up wasn't that awesome. If I fall asleep with my right side on the pillows, it tends to hurt my face. I still feel like there is some residual bruising with my cheek, and man oh man I can't wait for these ridiculous stitches to come out!! So gross, I can feel them and I just want them to be out.

Sachi came over as part of the babysitting March schedule (a huge blessing!). I was trying to get out of the house to read or do something with someone (since hubs is working a swing shift)... but Ang wasn't free until after prayer, and then she ended up going to dinner with fambam. Then I started to get a headache, one of those tension headaches, muscle-achey kind. But wasn't sure if it was related to not eating (I had some oatmeal before church, then I dunno, not a lot). So I was trying to eat to see if it'd help with the headache... but in the end Sherri and Angie ended up coming over to watch Megamind...which is where we are now. Since I wouldn't have to be in a vehicle, I've taken some 'good stuff' and definitely feeling the effects. Yay for no headaches :)

And I got to download some more Shane & Shane music to add to my collection (it's hard trying to filter out which songs I already have from different CDs; I try not to duplicate songs... but somehow still ended up duplicating some when I got some David Crowder songs (gotta get ready for the concert on the 25th!) Ooh, happy note, Shane & Shane are working on a new CD, always great music anointed, looking forward to that.

On that note, back to Megamind...and then sleeping, I have a 0920 with Oral Surgery tomorrow. :) As mentioned earlier, I think they'll be impressed with my swelling (or lack of). Oh random note, a girl at church, well I guess she's a woman--likes taking pictures, she asked for a model and I jokingly said she could do me if we covered half my face... but it sounds like she might actually want to take pictures. Mixed emotions panda... I used to love taking pics, but I'm super self-conscience ever since my first surgery... plus my mouth is wired shut. Eh, we'll see.

Tennis anyone?

Today was the all-women's tennis club...at our place. I wasn't looking forward to it since I'm often awake late at night, and sleeping in during the mornings. But M was at work, so it was up to me to be downstairs. I figured, I might as well make the best of it and try to play some, so in preparation I took some codeine before heading downstairs and boy was it worth it. Before you get all nuts, we don't play like hours of tennis. It's some drills, games... and that's about it. So nothing super intense. Still fun, still gave me some time in the sun, and made me feel good (for getting out, and getting the blood pumping). Thankful for that this morning.

Then put the kid down, showered and I went down for an almost four-hour nap! Guess I needed it (for getting 6ish hrs of sleep). M came home and let me sleep, until the girls (Janyne and Rachel) had come over to watch the kid. Like a great husband he is, he asked if I wanted something to eat (since we know how well I take care of myself while he's at work...hey, I had a bottle of yogurt smoothie after tennis). So I thought perhaps refried beans and chicken broth would taste good, eh--super salty though. Went for the original cream of chicken w/chicken broth blended. And of course, some good ole strawberry milk. I'm not quite sure what it is, but something about the nesquik syrup, and squirting it into the cup, and being able to mix it just right (the pre-packaged kind is way to sweet)...oh man. It's like heaven in my mouth. I could just drink strawberry milk, all day. That would be my diet.

Sachi picked me up for some reading, while M headed out to hang with his man-friend (and wife). It is always nice to get out of the house and read, but tonight I was a little convicted about needing to get out to read. Lately I haven't been very faithful reading at home, which is actually where I spend most of my time, and tend to have more free time (since my mom watches kid). But of course, I tend to find *lots* of other things to do... I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day, of spending time with Jesus, not just when I'm at CB&TL (the most amazing coffee shop ever btw). Then came home, and once mom put the kid to bed, I went ahead and gave her a pedicure. I think it blessed her (which is the ultimate goal). M got me thinking a while ago when he told me that when I make him mad, he tries to do something nice for me... so whenever someone makes me mad, I try to do something nice for them. Doesn't always work, but sometimes. Tonight, was actually kind of nice talking with mom...it ended well, despite her earlier conversation...

Mom: You're really looking good honey! The dieting is working.
Me: It's not really a diet. I'm just eating liquids.
Mom: Oh yes, I guess so. I don't know how you do it, I couldn't stick to it 24/7
Me: Uh, I don't have a choice. *walks away*

Yep, sometimes she just has a way with words. :D

And on that note, I'm going to head to bed. G'night!

11 March 2011

Silly child...

Hubby was concerned because the kid was rocking himself back and forth with the blanket over his head. Nothing too exciting since he generally does random things, and he wondered if we were bad parents because something was bothering him. I didn't think anything of it. Then he said he was going to check on him, and he comes back out and tells me I need to see the kid. Seriously, he pulled the mattress up and was sleeping under it. I mean, we have a thin mattress because it's a mini-crib, so it's like 2-3 inches of foam covered in plastic covering, so the fact that he can pick it up and everything isn't amazing. What's amazing is he actually fell asleep under it. Thankfully, it was tented so although he was warm, he could still breathe. I have a picture, but I cannot find my thing I use to upload pics, so it'll have to wait. Needless to say we re-positioned him on top of the mattress. At least there won't be any sirens tonight to bother his sleep, although last night he slept until about 4am, when my mom came in and said he was up.

I, on the other hand, passed out after they went off around 0230? or 0245? Either way, I woke up at one point in the morning but after hubby was gone, saw we still had power, and went back to sleep until about eleven. And then I struggled with depression all day while he was gone, and my mom had taken the kid out for something. I didn't realize how bad it would be. I wanted to do something, but just felt so lethargic. Finally, eating breakfast and taking some tylenol, I was trying to get enough hutspa (sp?) to walk to CB&TL at Market City for some coffee, only to have my mom come back, put the kid down and then tell me to text her when he's up. Out the door she went. Pfft. I texted a friend to ask what she was up to, but she was at someone else's house... so I had no one (I know, I know, I had God. But sometimes in those pits of despair, God is not someone likely to turn to). So I watched Bones... and took a nap (just like Kimmy).

Hubster got home kinda early for a Friday afternoon, but I suppose that's what happens when most of the state isn't working or at school. Then we walked together to get coffee to fight off the yawns. Apparently I yawn so much that it's causing my wires to loosen (they'll have to do something about that on Monday). It's at the point where I yawn, and when my teeth come back down the bottom teeth end up right under the top teeth (whereas now they're behind the top teeth), so I have to move them back into place. I fear every time I yawn that I will break my jaw. I am sure it's very unlikely, but c'mon. If the docs told you that during surgery your bone snapped, I think it would make you a little paranoid. We'll see what they say Monday. Hopefully they don't make some smart comment about just "not yawning." I'll threaten to punch them. Anyway--hubster's mere presence encouraged me to eat and drink. I showered, and then got ready for Bible Study. I actually drove. I had only taken two sets of tylenol and some ibuprofen through the day. It was nice to drive, feel that independence. And not have to deal with those passenger woes... Although I wonder if some of the pain added to my depression...

I think the silly child title also applies to me. Sometimes when I get into these depressed episodes I so often blame other people--why don't they come over to hang out with me? I haven't been at work for the past 2 weeks...nobody is working today and no one asked me if I wanted to hang out...why haven't I gotten a card from anyone? Silly things like that. Silly self-centered things that often remind me how much I need to die to myself.

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. Eph 4:22-24

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death - even death on a cross! Phil 2:3-8

Definitely some good Scripture to ponder on. And on that, I'll say goodnight!

10 March 2011

Tsunami Warning...

I have to tell you this story, it's kind of funny. After reading at CB&TL tonight, we headed over to Safeway to get some delicious sweet tea that Marcus couldn't find the other night. Voila, there were two bottles left, so we grabbed them and headed to the cashier. As we're being rung up, this other lady comes up to our cashier, and all I hear is, "blah blah, we're going to be getting very busy soon." I was like, hunh that's interesting. As we walk out Marcus asked, "did she just say there was an earthquake?" I responded I had no idea, but that was very plausible.

We got home and looked it up, sure enough an 8.9 had hit Japan, causing a tsunami watch to be in effect for Hawaii. Then it upgraded to a warning. So we did what any good citizen would do, fill up pots for the kitchen, water bottles for drinking, and two tupperwares for the bathroom. Thankfully, being on this liquid diet we have lots of canned soups (although since I cannot blend, I would be eating tomato soup the whole time), and I'm always especially grateful to have a gas stove during these times. I think we're ready. I am concerned about the milk for baby and I (I drink a lot of milk!), but we'll deal with it if the time comes.

(2310) Now the sirens just went off, which apparently means they have cancelled the warning? Although that is debatable. The Tsunami warning center says there no advisory, watches, or warnings in effect, but other people are saying the sirens will go off every hour now. I am not sure.

Anyway, today was a nice day. Slept in til about ten, headed to the beach with the kid and husband around noonish. Got to do about 20 minutes of water jogging, but I confess that I was getting kinda tired, so I think I slowed down after about 1.5 laps (I go back and forth between the walls at Kaimana's). It felt good to be challenged. Also made me realize I need to work on my cardio. The good thing about going back to work is the gym, so I'll be able to head over and do some biking and hopefully it won't mess with the jaw too much. After I work out I notice the muscles connecting my jaw hurt... even water jogging makes me hurt. Getting used to pain I guess.

After showering, I went down for a nap (with the kid), and woke up about 2 hours later, with Marcus informing me that Natasha was over. I hadn't realized I slept so long, so I headed out and chatted with her a bit until the kid woke up. Marcus went to get me a Bubbie's Peanut Butter Shake (with vanilla ice cream) and it was really good. I have to let it melt so I can drink it, for many reasons... but still, super good. Then we headed out to read, and this takes you to the top of the blog... so I guess that's it!

I was reading tonight in my "Lord I Want to You" devotional by Kay Arthur (totally awesome, definitely recommend to anyone!) and it was talking about Jehovah-rapha, the God who heals. In the scripture we were studying, it mentioned how God said he would cleanse sins and heal...and I thought it was very interesting that it always mentioned forgiving sins first, and then healing of physical ailments. Showing the far greater importance of having the righteousness of Christ instead of being healed. Reminded me that the eternal is far greater than the temporary. I also found it interesting that sometimes God used injuries/sicknesses to get his people to turn back to him. Then he healed them when they returned. I thought 1) it reminded me of my iniquity (this ameloblastoma has been a very long journey, since about May/June of '09) and 2) this tsunami thing in Hawaii. Sometimes God does things in order to get our attention, because all of the whispers have fallen on deaf ears.

That's it for now. My goal was to be in bed before midnight, but with the whole excitement with the tsunami and all has kind of delayed blog writing while randomly checking internet and FB. :) Goodnight ya'll, hubster has complained of typing.

09 March 2011


Tonight's midweek was a movie. I'm not sure what the title was, but it was about a seminary teacher who traveled from the 1890s to 2000. He was appalled at how much society had taken God out of it. God and prayer out of schools, government, businesses, and especially tv/movies. It made me realize how desensitized we have become to entertainment. People swear, and show cleavage and make out in front of us and it's no big deal. But it is. OR at least it should be. Makes me think about what I watch for "entertainment" and how much it really can affect the way I think. Instead of focusing on what we should be as the Word commands: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. (Phil 4:8) we think about how all sorts of unadmirable, or not excellent, definitely not pure, or praiseworthy. But can I respond to this teaching? Will I change my ways, what I watch on hulu and netflix? That is the more important question here. *sigh* Picking up my cross and following Him was never meant to be easy...and this is part of dying to myself... I just hope God gives me the desire and conviction to follow through. :/

On a different leg... I've realized I've gotten very happy with my deal purchases. Thus far I've purchased $60 to BluWater Grill, $30 to Tenyaku, $20 to Downbeat Diner & Lounge, a 75 min massage with scalp treatment at Apeautique, a mani/pedi at Beautiville (one for me, and one for my girl Natasha--although somehow it got mixed up and sent both of them to her as a gift...), and a cut & highlight at the Beauty Bar. I am looking forward to driving and taking advantage of these beauty ones before I go back to work. You know, like a makeover!! Except for half the price ;) Today PlayHawaii is offering a 2-hour pikake oil-infused Swedish massage from Kapononui LomiLomi for only $65 (an incredible deal considering it's normally $167) plus the fact that it's 2 hours. I definitely want to take advantage of this, but it's a little more than what I like to spend on these deals...plus I have an awesome masseuse that I'd like to use regularly at Calm Studio Spa, and you know how that goes :) I feel bad enough I'm cheating on my hairdresser...

Anyway. Today was a lazy day. Mother Nature paid her monthly visit, which I think might have contributed to my overly tiredness, or the fact I went to bed at 3am last night, or the fact that I have this weird lingering coughing up stuff/clear liquid coming out of my nose relatively constant. Either way, I slept, woke up took some codeine, went back to bed, woke up, actually Shredded Level 1 today, paid for it in pain, took some ibprofeun, took a shower, laid down, went to midweek, then here I am. So...lots of sleeping. Sadly, I missed going to visit my coworker in the hospital as she was discharged around 2, but I didn't wake up until 230. I haven't heard a lot from her, except this morning, saying the pain was sucky, then I missed her responding telling me she was awake (alas, I wasn't!). Oh well, guess I'll have to visit another time at her house, once I'm legal to drive.

Time for some reading before I head to bed...it'll be nice to sleep before 3 am :)

*edit* (after reading, which was an awesome reminder that God heals in his time, and that I am called to simply obey.

But I forgot some of the food highlights :)
-Tomato soup is a nice change to blending food. I can simply drink it in a cup, without having to use a syringe. It's nice.
-In the season of monthly addiction to chocolate, I have gotten creative...because quite frankly, chocolate milk just doesn't cut it for me. I can actually fit small pieces of chocolate into my mouth, through the hole on the right side where I'm missing my three back teeth. Totally awesome. Successes: mini reese's peanut butter cups and whoppers. Failures: reese's pieces (the hard shell is not delicious as I wait for it to dissolve).
-Oddly enough, I crazy love strawberry milk, generally with 1% (somehow not as good with fat free). A little cup of milk with a squirt of liquid nesquik...sooo....yummy. I'll let you know how it tastes with 2% since the hubster accidently purchased that today.

Two weeks...

Today (Tuesday) marked the day I wanted to start the 'modified' 30-Day Shred...but instead I motivated two others to do it-ha ha. I slept in til 10 (which was awesome), and got ready. Then hubster and I headed to Target & NEX to grab some household items, one which included an awesome deal on this Rachel Ray 3.5-qt Cast Iron Casserole Dish.
*yay* Now, I know it totally clashes with all the orange RR stuff I have, but seriously, I got it for such a steal, I could not resist. Are you ready for this? $24.99! Totally. Originally marked $49.99 (that's even a good deal, normally $69.99 on Amazon), but marked down 50% off. If there's one thing I've learned from all my cooking shows and blogs and friends, it's every kitchen needs a cast iron cooking dish. Oven + Stove top = Awesome Abilities. Could have been useful during my Valentine Meatball adventure, but at least I read the directions and realized that casserole dish could not go on the oven! Sarah will be so proud (when she reads this)... Kirby would be too, but we don't talk anymore.

Anyway. That's the highlight of the day. Awesome deal. Almost wanted to buy the cast iron skillet that matched it, but we already have (granted, it's not nearly as beautiful, but oh well).

Blessed that Sherri dropped off two Portuguese Bean soups from Covenant Books (one for Marcus, and one for me). I was surprised that it blended so well and went through the syringe. Definitely delicious. I've been craving some meat tasting items, so it helped hit the spot (along with some Healthy Choice split pea and ham with a little chicken broth--yummy).

Then took a ridiculously long nap this evening starting around 4? Woke up when Marcus asked if I wanted to eat at 8... and here I am (0237)... but I'll be heading to bed soon. Can you believe it's already been two weeks? I can...

07 March 2011

What a day...

It definitely had its ups and downs. My appointment was quite uneventful (for once, it's a miracle!). Although I thought that my swelling was going down fairly well, but Dr. Elyassi wasn't that impressed. It was pretty busy this morning at the clinic though, because it took me an hour to be seen, and then, I wasn't even seen by Dr. Elyassi until the very end (and Dr. Closmann was nowhere to be found!). I don't mind, it's nice to not be the high priority patient with something wrong.

I asked about being wired for 4 weeks, banded for 2, or how it would work out...and he said that he wants to play it safe and keep me wired the whole time. I took this opportunity to say that the ortho people scheduled an appointment for 4 April to get my surgery wires to be taken off. Dr. Elyassi said we'll keep that appointment. At first on the way home I got excited because I thought it was 5 weeks of being wired, but it's one day shy of 6 whole weeks. *sigh* Speaking of being wired, this means I'm scheduled to come back to work March 25, and I'll be "working" for almost 2 weeks while being wired shut. It brings up all sorts of feelings, but just kind of uselessness. I mean, Capt Odom told me that he was having me switch with another person so said person could get trained. So I'll be working briefer again, which is no biggie--except answering the phone. The neverending phone with pilots who always need something. :/ But when I told Capt Odom about my wires not coming off until April 4th, he asked about my con leave being extended. I didn't really think twice about that, but I double checked with Dr. Elyassi and he said we would extend it. I asked if any of his patients return to work wired shut (instead of being banded shut). He said it depended on how I feel towards the end, and how much talking I do at my job. HA! So I emailed the person in charge of scheduling to give them a heads up, and requested they keep someone on the schedule with me to answer the phones, since I cannot. We'll see... a lot in the air.

Anyway, enough about that madness! I felt so great after the appointment we actually headed to the commissary (we tried that last week, it didn't work out so well). So we bought lots of soups :O *surprise!* and some chocolate pudding, and more laxatives. This trip with the commissary gave me an opportunity to get creative. Let me tell you about some sweet successes....
-this pudding I got--Kozy Shack chocolate pudding, is amazing. Add a little bit of milk, mix it up--and I can eat it with a spoon! No syringe needed! I can actually eat it through my teeth. Yummy.
-Macaroni & cheese: I made some for Zeke and then added some extra milk and cheese to a little batch and into the food processor. As Marcus put it, it was a cheesy pudding. It was rough getting it into the syringe and through the teeth, but it was yummy. And fulfilled my craving for mac and cheese.
-Dinty Moore Beef Stew: I added a little bit of beef broth, and again into the food processor. Yummylicious. Not as hard to get through the syringe, but still had some rough spots. But again, so yummy, it's totally worth it.

Water jogging! Marcus took the kid and I to Kaimana's and I did two laps back and forth jogging in about stomach deep water (finally got to use the sun hat!). It was 18 minutes of some good cardio, a prelude to my 30 day Shred return tomorrow.

Quiet time! Rachel and Janyne came over to watch the kid (Marcus gave mom the day off once we got back from appt/commissary) and after we ate dinner and everything--he took me to Manoa's CB&TL for a good hour of some quiet time. It was nice, and I definitely appreciated it.

Overall a great day. And in Four Weeks, I'll be wire free. :)

A reminder tonight to keep it simple, Ps 27:4
One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

06 March 2011


In so many forms!

Let's see- Sachi came over today to originally babysit, but since she wasn't on the original schedule, and I forgot to tell Marcus (who then hadn't told mom), when she came over the kid was out with mom at the park. So Sachi and I got to hang out and talk. I asked if she'd be willing to go have QT since Marcus was going to go hang with the Qs (I'd go, but they were going to make dinner and eat, and it's hard for me to be around that *see yesterday's post* but Marcus is stronger than I am, so he went. PLUS they always make such delicious food). Anyway. After an hour or so catching up, we headed to Manoa's CB&TL (I wasn't quite in the mood to trek out to Kahala, plus I thought I might want to order a tea latte). By the time we got there I wasn't in the mood for a tea latte, but I settled for a glass of their Moroccan Mint tea, which needed two sticks of honey, but it's cheap. And then I got to read!

I've been unfaithful the past few days (as noted by my hours of watching Glee last night and not sleeping until 4am :/) so to sit down with headphones, music, in a setting other than home was nice.

Check this out - 2 Corin 1: 8b-11
We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired even of life. Indeed, in our hearts we felt the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, as you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many.

Isn't that awesome? Yesterday I posted verses 3 & 4, but to finish reading the section "God of all comfort" was such a blessing. Really. How can you read this and not be encouraged? I mean, we go through things beyond our own ability to endure, so that we don't rely on ourselves, but on God! The God who overcame the thing we cannot- death! The all powerful, all knowing, ever-present God. Who has delivered us and will continue to deliver us. The part about prayers was even more exciting-- just to have it all tie in. It was a great time of reading with Sachi.

Then I got home, and there was bowel movement! After getting home from church this morning, I was frustrated I didn't have one yet. So I re-read the box, and apparently I'm supposed to take TWO ex-lax pills (and I had only taken one). So I took another one and went down for the count. When I woke up, I was hungry and thirsty (this is when Sachi came over), and I had almost the entire mix of cream of chicken soup. Made me think perhaps part of the problem is that I'm not taking in enough liquids. Ironic since that's all I do take in, but I don't really make an effort to stay "hydrated" like I used to when I ate regular food. Now I only drink when I have to take medicine, or of I'm actually hungry, but I don't really drink the amounts of water as I once did (shame, I know). So I think drinking the large glass of tea, with ex-lax and multiple prayers from others, helped move me. Or my intestines at least. Which brings me back down to 158.2lbs :) *phew* That's nice to see.

My last blessing...I received a FB message from Lena, a woman who has her own business doing make-up and eyebrows on the island. I had purchased a groupon for her business, paying $17 (normally $35) for her to do my eyebrows at the end of January. They were fantastic. I stared at my eyebrows for days after I had them down. So beautiful, so me! Anyway, I wrote a yelp review on my experience (my first one ever)...

5 star rating
Okay, first let me say I am in no way a foo foo girl. I don't go out to clubs, I'm in the military, and I hardly ever wear makeup. And I'm incredibly cheap. Which is why when this deal came up in groupon to have my eyebrows done by a *real* professional for only $17, I was stoked.

I, too, had a bad experience with eye brows. I self-plucked in high school, and only years later in college did I realize one brow was totally uneven. How could people let me live like this?! To fix this, I went to a 'professional' at a nail salon (I know, I know, hardly professional when you pay $15 and they hardly speak english) off and on. Sometimes they did a good job, sometimes not.

So here was a chance to have a real expert do it, I jumped on it. And boy am I sure glad I did! Even though I was an awful client that was 5 minutes late, she totally showed grace. She did an AMAZING job people. Seriously. It didn't even hurt. A little bit of wax, some lotion, some tweezing, some snipping, and voila, I loved loved my eyebrows. LOVE them. To the point I might actually pay full price to have them done again.

I was going to give 4 stars, but I realized that was unfair. She is extremely good, and she should be allowed to charge how much she is worth. Thank you Lena, you've shown me some things are worth paying for the professionals to do!
And she responded back with a comment:

HI Brenda,
Thank you for your review. You can't imagine how much I appreciate you for what you said and especially in the last part. Thank you for understanding that I value my work and time as well as my clients. I appreciate every one who see's me because I know they have other choices to go elsewhere. I am always grateful for having a business where I can make men and women feel good about themselves after getting their eyebrows done. Thank you thank you!!!

Making me feel like I had done my good deed for the day, but that I got that FB message. And what did it say?

Hey Brenda!
Just wanted to extend the another $17 brows offer to you for the next time... I'm hoping that'll help!
Just because... I love you! LOL
Nah, it's a Thank you for the awesome review!
Lena :)

How totally cool is that?

God's cool. After a rough morning of:
- waking up on 4.5hrs of sleep, (totally my fault I know, but still hard)
- going to church on a not-full stomach (wanted to get there at a decent hour so skipped the usual oatmeal and OJ breakfast--see earlier comment about lack of sleep)
- not wanting to talk to people after church (was crazy hungry-like stomach pain hungry and didn't want to be around people while they ate delicious after church food, and the thought of having to talk to people did not sound like fun)

The day ended pretty nicely. Now I'm off to sleep, follow-up appt in the morning with Oral Surgery, lots of questions for them :)

Be blessed!