20 March 2011


Well, ya'll probably know about my little rant last night. Oh believe me, it was way worse. That was the edited version, mostly cause Natasha reads it :P Just kidding. It was mild because, I felt like I was being really childish. Well, I was. Or at least seeking fulfillment from other people and not God.

The morning started off rough. I was so frustrated, I didn't want to be around the very people that I felt betrayed me. I felt like it would interfere with worship and learning from the word. I attempted to make it to One Love's 8am service, but I'd like to thank the flexiril (muscle relaxant) for making it not so easy to get out at 7, plus some pain... Instead, I opted to head to a Calvary Chapel instead that was still close to Refresh so I could head over to pick up Natasha (we had a hot date for manis & pedis!). I went inside, in the middle of worship. Awkward... and then as I tried to worship, it was so hard. I felt like that new kid, that people stare at. Then I was like, what if they think I'm a horrible person because they can't see my lips move (hard trying to sing while I'm wired shut). So I closed my eyes, and sang. And then, my stomach went into knots. I just, couldn't do it. I went to a different church to try to focus, and it didn't work. I just didn't want to go to my church, where the only reason some people would talk to me or ask to hang out with me, is because I threw a hissy fit.

So after the worship set was over, I left. During the meet and greet time I met some people and I left. Off to Refresh I went. Sat outside, because I was too shame to see someone I had argued with. Where of course one of the other people I argued with came up to me and loved on me. And of course Brandon came around to say hi, and prayed. and it was good. hard. but good. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to talk to Mackey (our pastor). I walked up to him (he's always available afterwards for questions). The first words out of my mouth were, "I need a rebuke." He laughed, and told me after he talked with Daniel he'd be available.

Oh man, as he said, I'm sure Zeke will never come up to me and say, "Mom, I think I need you to slap me on the back of the head." And even though he didn't say what I thought he would. It was still blessed. Still good.

Afterwards I grabbed Natasha and we headed to her favorite, Smileys Nails. Or something. Smileys something. For a pedi/mani date. It was great. I felt bad, because talking is hard, but I think she had a good time.

Headed home to relieve mom while Z slept, but he only slept for half an hour. I had my heart set on using my 30% off coupon for Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic (part of the Give to Get), where 5% of the purchase went towards a charity--this one was Feeding America. And I was all about going to the BR outlet. So I had to somehow convince my mom to stay home with the kid since he woke up 30min after he went down. Thankfully, I got it through (seriously, Sundays everything closes early... so I needed to get out to Waikele before 1800.

Boy oh boy. Old Navy was my first stop, with yoga pants in mind. I had that 30% off coupon, and I confirmed someone working that it was a 30% off of the bottom line. Oh baby, clearance rack!! I kinda struck out for me at least, but I got Zeke a cute couple of shirts and some shorts. And even though my yoga pants weren't on sale, I still grabbed a pair, and some a pair of capris. Loved them. The pants were a size MEDIUM!! but they didn't have that size in the capris, so I stuck with a large. But that was exciting. M.

Stopped by Borders, checking to see if they had Blackaby's Spiritual Leadership book. Yay, they did! AND I picked up two pop-up books for Zeke... of course he'll probably destroy them, but maybe we can only read them under supervision to try and preserve them? Haha.

Then came the part I would love the most, Carters. I was excited for their 30% off sale, which I thought was off everything (GOOD thing I checked!!) because it was only off the clearance rack. So I stayed at the clearance rack. Got some more shirts, and two rompers (my mom calls them that. The onesies that the bottoms look like shorts). It was me against the clock (mall closes at 6 yo!), so I rushed to OshKosh, only to be saddened. Walked out with nothing.

And... then... the motherload!! Banana Republic Outlet. Holy. Smokes. WHY have I never been to this place before?!? The fact that there were % signs everywhere, and I had an additional 30% off. WOAH. I was soo happy. Plus, I fit into their mediums! The same way I wear a NOTW extra large. Talk about confidence booster! And their stuff, was so nice! AND I didn't feel awkward. I mean, a little. But, compared to when I try to go to Ala Moana, this place was amazing. I bought many shirts. I was running out of time, in fact at 1820 this nice lady finally said, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but we closed at 6." bwahaha. So I got 3 short sleeve button up shirts (on sale for $10, without the discount! white, black, and a beautiful emerald). And a couple of nice layering short sleeves, and then some printed v-necks. I told Marcus the next time I get an awesome coupon like that, I'll be checking out the pants, and a couple pencil skirts. I read or saw somewhere everyone needs a good pencil skirt. I spent an exorbitant amount of money. But I also saved an exorbitant amount of money. I saved more than I spent. Totally awesome. When you see a shirt is normally $50, and you paid $18. Seriously, amazing.

Next week's goal is to get ... eeps! This week's goal, is to get some pampering done! Eyebrow appt is set, just need the haircut, and massage. I confess, I bought this ultimate spring getaway from the Ku'uleilani Spa. I get to enjoy a 50-minute fusion massage, an ultimate facial, and a cucumber eye treatment. Chee hoo! $75. I know Natasha thinks I'll never redeem these things, but oh I will! I think I'll wait for this one closer to birthday, or mother's day time frame. Because I want my face to heal. Granted I don't think it'll ever be perfect. I remember getting my birthday facial before Z was born for my birthday (great gift from my girlfriends!), and at that time it was just the tumor in the jawbone, and she had to be careful. So... I reckon we'll still have to do the same precautions this next time around. But still, it'll be awesome.

Well. It's been good. Somehow, my body has this anti-drowsy ability. I've taken the muscle relaxants every 8hrs, and I'm still awake. I didn't take a nap today! Oh boy. Hope to see you on the other side!

Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.
Jeremiah 17:14

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Sarah said...

What?! I feel like a failure, I can't believe I never took you there! BR is the best.... especially at ANY percentage off!!