19 March 2011


I wouldn't read this if you're sensitive.n Okay, well it's not that bad. I started going off on a super rant, but I'll leave it between me and God and Marcus.

Tonight, I had some issues. I recapped the almost last 4 weeks of con leave I've been on. It wasn't pretty. I got angry. Depressed. Frustrated. Pissed off. I felt like I had no friends. Not facebook friends that comment on my status or write on my wall. But real friends. That come to your house to visit. That text you just to see how you're doing. That offer to take you somewhere. They kind of come few and far between.

Something I have to remember about humans is they're not perfect. They let you down. Miserably. When I stormed off in my upset...God totally gave me the perfect response through Kay Arthur. "In my walk with God, I long to develop a spiritual disposition that causes me to seek Him immediately in every situation of life...The children of Isreal reacted over and over again to the circumstances of life rather than responding to the knowledge of God...they did know their God. They had seen His works with their own eyes...It is one thing to know about God and another to live in the light of that knowledge."

Great thing about God. He's totally perfect. Even when humans miss the mark. He's always there.

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