04 March 2011

Keeping it short....

I'd love to blog a ton, but I'm not feeling too hot right now. Not sure what it is. Either the fact I'm constipated (from narcotics) and since the diarrhea stopped, so has all other bowel movements, or because I took my first dose of 10ml of oxycodone instead of the normal 5ml (was hoping it would keep me through the night)... but boy am I queasy and slightly shaky (hands).

So... just dropping by to say hi. Thankfully this morning I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of Bananas and Cream oatmeal with some OJ (I felt pretty normal!). Then Marcus woke me up when Brandon had brought over some minestrone soup from Covenant Bookstore... so I had that for a late lunch (I didn't actually get up til about ten today). Did a light workout with the 5lbs dumbbells we have, and then showered and rested until Bible Study. Tonight, I seriously felt like a normal person sitting there. I ate dinner before going (it's kind of awkward stinking a syringe with a long tube into my mouth in the company of so many people), and dinner was Marilyn's amazing soup. I'm a food hoarder, so I hadn't eaten any today until she texted me telling she had more for me... so it inspired me to eat some. Boy am I glad I did! Upon returning home I drank my keifer shake with my pain medicine (am wondering if that's what's going on in my tummy). Then I tried to watch some Glee, but since Marcus was streaming Netflix on the tv, and I was trying to watch Glee on the ipad, it just wasn't working. Plus I started to go downhill not feeling well, so I switched to Pandora.

Alrighty, gonna hit the hay. Going downhill kinda fast.

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