30 March 2011

Lack of sleep...

Ah.... I can take oxycodon with tylenol (I think it's called Roxicet or something), I can take two sleep aids, I can take flexiril (not all together mind you)...and I still find myself not able to sleep before midnight (last night I went to sleep after Marcus got off a swing, like around 0030, and that was the earliest for a while!). I'm hoping that tonight is like 1130 or something. *sigh*

Anyway. I know it's been awhile, I just, don't know. I feel like I've sometimes tried not to be on the computer because I thought perhaps blogging hindered sleep.

So, we're passed 5 weeks (that was yesterday), and last night my wires felt loose on the back left side, so I kind of tightened it with my needle nose pliers. But that was after I had emailed my doc about being worried. Needless to say he made me come in this morning... he said he would cut me free, but the colonel outranked him and said no. That was a brief point of happiness... but it's okay. Needless to say, the doc told me to not do their job...lol.

Other exciting news...I'm not sure I've officially announced it, but we're PCSing to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky! It's actually half in Kentucky, half in Tennessee. I'll be leaving for training late July until late Sep. There are so many logistical things that have to be worked out, Marcus and I have never moved with the military before...so... our heads are spinning. In. So. Many. Ways.

It's a good thing we believe in a big God that has our lives in his hand. And part of my devotional today was: Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 1Peter5v7 Totally meaningful!

Random stuff... I have 5 classes left for my Masters. It's been on hiatus for two terms now. The first one I had to drop because I had failed to know that I had to take that class before my capstone class. And then the term afterwards, the class started the day before my surgery, so that was definitely a negative. So...the next registration is May 2, with classes starting May 23. And conveniently ALL three of my classes are offered this summer. Curse the summers and their wide variety of classes! :P Anyway, my goal is to finish my two SOS correspondence units BEFORE my grad term starts. That's a pretty big endeavor. In so many ways. It means, instead of doing something like this I should be doing all my reading for SOS. Goal is to take second test late April, and then the third test Wed before my class starts. Maybe ya'll can keep me accountable?

Needless to say... in FIVE days, I'll get to brush the inside of my teeth. Huzzah!

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