02 March 2011

Leisurely stroll...

Today had a lot of expectations.

I thought the codeine would taste worse than the oxycodon and I was scared (it's not that bad, but it doesn't really touch the pain like the oxycodon did).

I had wanted to either a) go walking around the park or something in the sun (with my new sun hat!) or doing some water walking at Kaimana's (again, with said new sun hat). I ended up walking around in a 20min loop at 1630 when the sun was definitely not out; silly sun, hiding behind clouds).

I guess that was it, only two expectations. Although, I will say that the codeine (which I thought oxycodon was codeine, but it's not)... omgosh, codeine does not really take care of the pain the way the oxycodon does. I'm not so sure about this. It's bad enough that when I wake up in the morning I'm crazy hurting because I don't wake up in the middle of the night to take pain meds anymore. I will probably take some tylenol before I go to bed... (which will be soon, unlike last night!). Rest aids in recovery.

Anyway, I did that walk today. It started off fine, I was like, "I can walk forever..." and then by the time I was heading back, I was like, "Thank goodness we're almost done." I started to feel pain with every step, the jarring movement was taking its toll on the jaw. Which I think is part of the reason my muscles are so sore on my face right now. I feel like my neck muscles, and all the muscles connecting my jaw to my temple are very sore. Plus see above paragraph. *sigh*

Plus side, we did make it out to our midweek service. That was nice. Although, on the way there, I wasn't sure how long I would survive the teaching, I had started to feel the pain of walking, but God sustained me all the way through. I definitely think the otherwise intensely cold room helped.

I figured out why my cheek is so sore. I have freakin stitches on the inside of my right cheek. Seriously I have no idea why, I'll ask them on Monday. I found them with my finger today. I was doing some exploring, I forget why, but then I felt the sutures on the inside of my cheek. It was definitely a "Eureka" moment. No wonder it hurts so much. And I think it also explains some of my swelling. I was starting to think, seriously all from my jaw? (I mean, I should know right? I was pretty swollen the first time, but that was through the neck). Either way, it makes me look forward to healing.

I realized part of that miraculous crazy weight loss, was because of my good old friend antibiotics, giving me diarrhea and all. Haha. I think I'll just weigh in weekly, otherwise this could get obsessive, and really--now is not the time to diet.

Successful yummy things today (or yesterday and I cannot remember if I blogged about it): Gingerzing or something from a local company. It's a ginger drink, it helps cleanse the pallet after eating, or just tastes good. I like it. Also a hit, this keifer smoothie... delicious flavors--vanilla, peach, strawberry and raspberry. So far I've only tried peach and strawberry, but looking forward to trying the other two soon. And, putting a container of yogurt in the food processor is a success. Liquidy enough that I don't have to add milk, and yummy.

Fail: Tomato bisque soup. I tried to think it it out a little with sour cream and milk, and then food processed it. Then strained it... total fail. It's a thick soup. Better for when I'm free from wires (and on a no-chew regime).

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to try mixing up some cottage cheese with canned peaches. We'll see if I get brave.

As mentioned earlier we made it to midweek, super grateful because the teaching, was so good. Seriously. The command is to wait... there is no faith in doing something, there is faith in waiting. There is a lot of waiting in my life... time to build my faith!

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Sarah said...

You are amazing. So is God! I'm thinking of you often and praying for you in your journey :)