18 March 2011

New meds...

I've talked about the pain, how my muscles are crazy sore on my face, and I can't figure it out since I'm not chewing. So I guess my honesty with my docs paid off. He prescribed me a muscle relaxant to try to get my muscles to relax (ha, what a concept!). So I took half of one this afternoon and I was out for a couple hours this evening. Sadly, I missed a going away and our worship night. It was hard. But, my headache was gone. Seriously, like a miracle. Such a relief for once, to wake up without a headache. I was thinking today, amidst my anger-ness...that I've had such a rough time. These headaches have really brought me down. Emotionally and physically.

I woke up right before seeing a bright flash outside my window, and then realizing the power went out (oh. great.) Thankfully, mom was here, but the poor kid was freaked out. Thankfully, the power company got the power back on within, 30-45 minutes. Which was totally awesome. Since I just had woken up, I was pretty hungry. So once it got back on, mom gave the kid a bath and put him to bed. Poor guy is fighting a cold... again. Runny nose, sneezing, mild fever. Thankfully, he went down fast.

Today was another rough day. I think it was an overflow of yesterday. Being left alone, having to run errands, the pain of trying to be normal but feeling like I am so not. Takes its toll on me. And the grossness on the back of my teeth. Man, when you brush your teeth tonight, be THANKFUL that you can brush your tongue and you can brush the back of your teeth. And if you feel gross plaque build-up it's because you suck at brushing your teeth. bwahaha.

I got nothing else. Although, Covenant Books' Split Pea and Ham soup with some additional chicken broth is quite tasty. :) Thankfully Marcus picked up two bowls.

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Sarah said...

Today I'm praying for a peaceful recovery for you. I will also make sure to brush my teeth well and be thankful :)