01 March 2011

One week...

Hello World (& Natasha :D)

I cannot believe that it's been a week. Okay maybe I can. I found a couple of other blogs of people that documented when they were wired shut, and their blogs were pretty useful and helpful. Or encouraging at least. There was one girl that was going to be wired shut for 4 weeks, and after one week they told her it'd have to be 6. I'm planning on wired for 6 weeks, and maybe banded for 2 afterwards. Bands are exciting. Although painful because you have to work your jaw into being able to open, but you can ended mushy/blended foods that don't have to be liquidy enough to go through teeth. But I'm trying not to build up a list of everything that I want to eat, because I would like to help keep off most of the weight that I lose from this escapade. I also want to focus on the now... this journey that God has brought me through. Although the end is in mind, I don't want to miss what He's working on now. So for now, I pray constantly for His Spirit, trying to remember that He is Lord of all, He is in control of everything.

Anyway. I've finally broken the 160 plateau, I'm like 158 now. So that's exciting. oOo, here's a story for you...Last night was interesting. I woke up in the middle of the night (literally), and when I went to go take my meds, my stomach was so uneasy, the thought of taking medicine and trying to drink something, just made me afraid I'd throw up again, so I kinda fell back asleep on the couch, trying to feel better. Marcus found me on the couch and brought me back to bed. I think I woke up a little bit later but just changed my ice pack and went back to sleep. Needless to say by the time I wake up at 0700, it was pain. Thankfully my stomach was settled enough to handle drinking something with the pain meds. Although I tried to mix the codeine with motrin, but the motrin made me gagged (no surprise there! Seriously children's motrin needs to get with children's tylenol about making better tasting medicine! Although, I grabbed some bubble gum generic flavored motrin, we'll see how that goes). Then I laid down some more before getting ready for my 1030 physical medicine appointment at Tripler... which was okay. So that was a lesson learned... although, if my stomach is queasy, I'm not sure I can handle taking meds. Let me tell you, seriously, getting sick the yesterday, was so traumatizing. Definitely makes me cautious.

Another adventure today. The mouthwash they give you to help keep your gums clean, or something, also stains your teeth. So me being the smart chick I am I thought I should buy the Listerine teeth whitening mouthwash. After lunch, I tried it. Holy smokes. I failed to read the label that says there's hydrogen peroxide in it. It was like a party in my mouth, that went on, forever. I tried to rinse it out, but it kept foaming (okay, this is gross, but I cannot even imagine what's going on in my mouth. All the incisions from the surgery, plus I know my tongue has that fuzz on it from the antibiotics, so there was a lot of stuff for it to interact with!) It went on, forever! Lame, especially cause I was trying to lay down for a nap.

Speaking of mouthwash, I'm addicted to them. I have 5 of them, 6 if you count the one Marcus uses (but I don't really use). So our bathroom sink is a little crowded.

Random story-it's hard to suck up Sprite through the syringe. I think it's the carbonation. Also, tummy is still settling down. Sometimes I feel like I just have to sit on the can forever, because as soon as I stand up, it starts rumbling and I feel like it's gonna explode, and then nothing comes out. Ugh. So I broke down, cut an immodium tablet in half, and then tried to crush it and drank it in some OJ. Hopefully it helps jump start the stomach calming, since I've tried gingerade, probiotic smoothie, and Sprite. *sigh*

I think it's enough rambling, time to rest my eyes.

Oh, something that's yummy, ramen broth. Like going to a restaurant and ordering their broth. Natasha and Jason picked some up for me (to include some Scope from Longs; bottle #4). It was so yummy! I had to strain it because there's so much goodies inside (onions, meat, etc), but man. I have leftovers, that I also mixed with some mashed potatoes (milked/watered down). Yummy.

Okay. bye. for now.

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