14 March 2011

Singin in the Rain

Tonight, after wasting much time while the girls were watching the kid... I finally opted to get ready for bed and try to sleep early. But I've also gotten "Singin in the Rain" from Netflix, so I thought I'd take advantage of it. I like it, I really like musicals and old movies. They're clean, you don't have to worry about rubbish... oh if TV and movies could still be like that!

Had my follow-up appointment this morning, and indeed Dr. Closmann was impressed with the decreased swelling, but not happy that I can move my teeth when I yawn. He tried to tell me not to yawn, and then I informed him it's very hard not to yawn when you have to yawn. Silly man. Anyway. He said, "the swelling goes down 80% the first 2-3 weeks, and then the other 20% two months afterwards. *sigh*

Otherwise, headed to the commissary to grab some more soups and other adventurous items. I'm getting desperate! I especially want some meat. So in hopes to use my hole on the right side to my advantage, we grabbed some corned beef hash, vienna sausage, and some tofu. I tried the vienna sausage-absolute success! Well, I get a ton of pieces stuck all over my mouth, but hey... yummy. :)

Then another looong afternoon nap and missed hubby leaving for work. :/ It's a long night for him, working a swing into a mid-shift, so he won't be back until the morning. These swing shifts are always the hardest on me... I try not to stay up waiting for him, but I normally do... except n this night, I have to remind myself there's no staying up!

Praise report: my never-ending runny nose seems to have stopped, as well as no more coughing up gross lougies! YAY! and the doc said if my stitches aren't out by next week, they'll take them out for me (thank heavens!).

Anyway, that's it for now. G'night!

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