24 March 2011

So much to say-

I didn't blog yesterday. Felt weird. What happened is I was so set on going to bed early so I could transition to me going to bed early tonight, for work tomorrow morning. Eeps, I know, work...tomorrow! Not excited. I tried packing food...oh boy. I don't even know where to begin. :/

Anyway. As Mariko and Scott came over to return my laptop that would now let me check my work emails...I found out my next assignment-Ft. Campbell, KY. It's actually pretty close to the border between KY and TN. Definitely not Ft. Lewis, WA or Beale AFB, CA. Quite a change in scenery and lifestyle as well. I won't sugar coat it, it was like a punch in the stomach. Took some getting used to. It's kind of settled in, as I looked into housing yesterday near the post... and then my sq/cc responded to an email I sent before I had legit information from vMPF (after logging into computer), and he said he had no idea, my location wasn't confirmed, and as soon as he knew, he'd let me know. I replied that I had received notification about my assignment and where it was. He said he would check with the assignments officer, and to stand by. That was almost 12hrs ago. EH. I'm thinking KY will be our new home. :)

That was yesterday (minus the CC's email today).

Then, Marcus kept talking about wanting to go to Tmobile... so I finally caved in today after my appointment at Tripler, after my massage in Kaneohe, and after my eyebrows were done on Ward. We went to Tmobile Kahala. Holy smokes. Seriously. So many people. Needless to say, 2 hrs later we both walked out with an LG something or other. Smart phone, with a touchscreen, and unlimited data. WOAH. This could seriously come in handy (driving and needing directions!)

Well, as mentioned earlier, I have work tomorrow. My first shift. It's an "admin" shift, so it's kinda flexible hours-wise. But I want to do 6am-2pm so after shift change I can leave...get home and rest before the David Crowder concert! Yess... It'll be awesome. I won't be able to sing along as much (wired shut), but, it'll be nice.

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