13 March 2011


Well, sort of. On the plus side, I got to drive myself to church this morning. The kid and I were left behind since hubster was helping with set-up and the truck. Mom helped me load the kid (he's 27lbs heavy and squirmy) and off we drove. Then hubster helped me take him to childcare and off we went.

It was nice to be in fellowship, as it mostly is. And this time, it wasn't so hard to be around food. Well I mean, it is, but the best part of today was realizing that I'm almost HALFWAY done!! :) I mean, secretly a part of me is hoping that I'll go in one week for my check-in appointment and they'll be like, "Well, we can cut wires and give you some bands." But then I remember what Dr. Elyassi said when I asked how long I'd be wired. He said he wanted to be safe with me. Pfft. Like I'm some sort of special case :P

After talking with Sherri and Natasha I headed home... but when Natasha walked me to the car, we noticed a horrific boo-boo on the Matrix!! Sad Panda. I'm thinking it happened when M went to go visit the Qs last night and he was parked in their garage in guest parking. Otherwise, I cant really think. It's likely someone hit us, because there was a piece of red plastic like from a light embedded into the bumper. I dunno, at first I freaked out because I thought I did it, and I was like, "How could I not feel this?!?!" Then I realized it's likely that someone did it to the car, while it was parked. Eh...whatevers. It's all temporary right? Yeah.

Anyway. After coming home and doing random stuff, went down for a glorious 4 hour nap. Although waking up wasn't that awesome. If I fall asleep with my right side on the pillows, it tends to hurt my face. I still feel like there is some residual bruising with my cheek, and man oh man I can't wait for these ridiculous stitches to come out!! So gross, I can feel them and I just want them to be out.

Sachi came over as part of the babysitting March schedule (a huge blessing!). I was trying to get out of the house to read or do something with someone (since hubs is working a swing shift)... but Ang wasn't free until after prayer, and then she ended up going to dinner with fambam. Then I started to get a headache, one of those tension headaches, muscle-achey kind. But wasn't sure if it was related to not eating (I had some oatmeal before church, then I dunno, not a lot). So I was trying to eat to see if it'd help with the headache... but in the end Sherri and Angie ended up coming over to watch Megamind...which is where we are now. Since I wouldn't have to be in a vehicle, I've taken some 'good stuff' and definitely feeling the effects. Yay for no headaches :)

And I got to download some more Shane & Shane music to add to my collection (it's hard trying to filter out which songs I already have from different CDs; I try not to duplicate songs... but somehow still ended up duplicating some when I got some David Crowder songs (gotta get ready for the concert on the 25th!) Ooh, happy note, Shane & Shane are working on a new CD, always great music anointed, looking forward to that.

On that note, back to Megamind...and then sleeping, I have a 0920 with Oral Surgery tomorrow. :) As mentioned earlier, I think they'll be impressed with my swelling (or lack of). Oh random note, a girl at church, well I guess she's a woman--likes taking pictures, she asked for a model and I jokingly said she could do me if we covered half my face... but it sounds like she might actually want to take pictures. Mixed emotions panda... I used to love taking pics, but I'm super self-conscience ever since my first surgery... plus my mouth is wired shut. Eh, we'll see.

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