15 March 2011

THREE weeks!

HUZZAH! I'm so excited. I never quite know when to start the count-down, since technically yesterday it was 3 weeks until I get the wires off, but today is 3 weeks since the surgery. I figure since I started counting the weeks from surgery date, I'll keep up the trend. Hey, how do you like the new look of the blog?

Anyway, it's exciting to be halfway done. Still at 158, but at least I don't creep up to 160 anymore. Although the nurse (Julia) at yesterday's appointment tried to remind me that "this is not the time to lose weight," and I need to be keeping up with my nutrients. *sigh* On that note, I can finally take a multi-vitamin (hooray! although it's more like I finally bought them so now I can take them). So that helps with the nutrients. Plus, I'm thinking about stopping by GNC to grab some different flavors of muscle milk to start increasing protein. Before my first surgery I saw the nutritionist at Tripler (sorry Amanda, your contract was in the works and you were MIA); he told me I needed 100g of protein...pfft. There's no way I get that... that's a lot of milk :P On that note, I'm on a journey to add more nutritious things to my diet...I started by drinking some Carnation Instant Breakfast this morning... and then for lunch had some potato and bacon soup, with chocolate pudding, and some baked beans. And I drank an entire glass of water! For a while there, water was not desirable... hard to get the flavors of food out of your mouth when you cannot brush all of it.... but it's getting better now.

That's it, the day is only halfway done, but the goal is to get to Costco, finish a load of laundry, and go to prayer tonight. We'll see how it goes. Alohas!

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