16 March 2011

Too far?

Well, I attempted to organize a "spring break" tennis game for some of the girls. Needless to say, only two people from spring break came, but I think it was worth it. At least for me :P We got to play some short games, talk, and my favorite part, practice serving and hitting. I've realized my favorite game is when someone has the bucket of balls (or whatever that thing is called), and they just serve balls to me. Not necessarily me, like they have to hit it to me, but just get it to the other side, and then I try to hit it, and we play a little until it dies. My absolute favorite game. :) I think it shows the only child in me.

I got pretty red from it, I was attempting to get some color back on my face... but perhaps I overdid it. And, I might have overdone it with the working out part. I had to bust out the oxycodon tonight (I took codeine this morning before playing, and then some advil later in the afternoon), still hurting pretty bad. So I busted out the big guns. Speaking of drugs, leads me to doctors, leads me to an email I sent to one of the docs. I asked him if we could re-do the wiring in my mouth. I have these giant twisties of wire in my mouth, and one is smack dab in the front of my mouth. Which makes for GREAT collection of any and all particles that I'm trying to take in. Seriously, you have no idea what kind of stuff you take for granted in life with your mouth. Like opening it to eat yogurt (I get all sorts of pieces stuck in my grill!), or licking your fingers, or licking your lips... really. Be grateful yo.

After doing dishes, taking a shower, vegging out, and taking a mini-nap, the fambam and I headed to mid-week. Tonight was super blessed. I dunno why, but I felt like interacting with people. I wasn't crazy hungry so that helped, although I was crazy cranky. Pain? The deliriousness of not eating real food (my stomach shrinking)... pooor poor hubby. Really, you should pray for him--dealing with me?!? :D But like, I said, I actually had fun talking to people... especially Jessica. I miss my angry Korean friend.

Aunt Sharon had asked me how much longer for "real food" and I was like, well I get cut free in 3 weeks, BUT afterwards, it takes time for my mouth to get used to being able to open and all that good stuff. Which means I'll probably be on a soft food diet (think, mashed potatoes, still blended soups...) I won't be able to chew, and even though my soups still have to blended, thankfully, the particles won't get stuck in my mouth!! That will be... ah-mazing. Anyway... it means that in five billion years, I'll get to eat...FOOD.

Praise Report- Marcus got me a PB shake from Bubbies :) and...I got to pray for Sachi's knee (which I guess she injured and has a doc appt next week for) while we playing tennis she tweaked it. So I prayed, and it was neat to pray for someone else. So much of this surgery stuff has been asking other people to pray for me... but there is something amazing about praying for someone. I'm blessed I got an opportunity.

That's all I got folks. G'night.

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Sarah said...

I am now more grateful! Loving your updates :) Praying for both of you love!