10 March 2011

Tsunami Warning...

I have to tell you this story, it's kind of funny. After reading at CB&TL tonight, we headed over to Safeway to get some delicious sweet tea that Marcus couldn't find the other night. Voila, there were two bottles left, so we grabbed them and headed to the cashier. As we're being rung up, this other lady comes up to our cashier, and all I hear is, "blah blah, we're going to be getting very busy soon." I was like, hunh that's interesting. As we walk out Marcus asked, "did she just say there was an earthquake?" I responded I had no idea, but that was very plausible.

We got home and looked it up, sure enough an 8.9 had hit Japan, causing a tsunami watch to be in effect for Hawaii. Then it upgraded to a warning. So we did what any good citizen would do, fill up pots for the kitchen, water bottles for drinking, and two tupperwares for the bathroom. Thankfully, being on this liquid diet we have lots of canned soups (although since I cannot blend, I would be eating tomato soup the whole time), and I'm always especially grateful to have a gas stove during these times. I think we're ready. I am concerned about the milk for baby and I (I drink a lot of milk!), but we'll deal with it if the time comes.

(2310) Now the sirens just went off, which apparently means they have cancelled the warning? Although that is debatable. The Tsunami warning center says there no advisory, watches, or warnings in effect, but other people are saying the sirens will go off every hour now. I am not sure.

Anyway, today was a nice day. Slept in til about ten, headed to the beach with the kid and husband around noonish. Got to do about 20 minutes of water jogging, but I confess that I was getting kinda tired, so I think I slowed down after about 1.5 laps (I go back and forth between the walls at Kaimana's). It felt good to be challenged. Also made me realize I need to work on my cardio. The good thing about going back to work is the gym, so I'll be able to head over and do some biking and hopefully it won't mess with the jaw too much. After I work out I notice the muscles connecting my jaw hurt... even water jogging makes me hurt. Getting used to pain I guess.

After showering, I went down for a nap (with the kid), and woke up about 2 hours later, with Marcus informing me that Natasha was over. I hadn't realized I slept so long, so I headed out and chatted with her a bit until the kid woke up. Marcus went to get me a Bubbie's Peanut Butter Shake (with vanilla ice cream) and it was really good. I have to let it melt so I can drink it, for many reasons... but still, super good. Then we headed out to read, and this takes you to the top of the blog... so I guess that's it!

I was reading tonight in my "Lord I Want to You" devotional by Kay Arthur (totally awesome, definitely recommend to anyone!) and it was talking about Jehovah-rapha, the God who heals. In the scripture we were studying, it mentioned how God said he would cleanse sins and heal...and I thought it was very interesting that it always mentioned forgiving sins first, and then healing of physical ailments. Showing the far greater importance of having the righteousness of Christ instead of being healed. Reminded me that the eternal is far greater than the temporary. I also found it interesting that sometimes God used injuries/sicknesses to get his people to turn back to him. Then he healed them when they returned. I thought 1) it reminded me of my iniquity (this ameloblastoma has been a very long journey, since about May/June of '09) and 2) this tsunami thing in Hawaii. Sometimes God does things in order to get our attention, because all of the whispers have fallen on deaf ears.

That's it for now. My goal was to be in bed before midnight, but with the whole excitement with the tsunami and all has kind of delayed blog writing while randomly checking internet and FB. :) Goodnight ya'll, hubster has complained of typing.

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