09 March 2011

Two weeks...

Today (Tuesday) marked the day I wanted to start the 'modified' 30-Day Shred...but instead I motivated two others to do it-ha ha. I slept in til 10 (which was awesome), and got ready. Then hubster and I headed to Target & NEX to grab some household items, one which included an awesome deal on this Rachel Ray 3.5-qt Cast Iron Casserole Dish.
*yay* Now, I know it totally clashes with all the orange RR stuff I have, but seriously, I got it for such a steal, I could not resist. Are you ready for this? $24.99! Totally. Originally marked $49.99 (that's even a good deal, normally $69.99 on Amazon), but marked down 50% off. If there's one thing I've learned from all my cooking shows and blogs and friends, it's every kitchen needs a cast iron cooking dish. Oven + Stove top = Awesome Abilities. Could have been useful during my Valentine Meatball adventure, but at least I read the directions and realized that casserole dish could not go on the oven! Sarah will be so proud (when she reads this)... Kirby would be too, but we don't talk anymore.

Anyway. That's the highlight of the day. Awesome deal. Almost wanted to buy the cast iron skillet that matched it, but we already have (granted, it's not nearly as beautiful, but oh well).

Blessed that Sherri dropped off two Portuguese Bean soups from Covenant Books (one for Marcus, and one for me). I was surprised that it blended so well and went through the syringe. Definitely delicious. I've been craving some meat tasting items, so it helped hit the spot (along with some Healthy Choice split pea and ham with a little chicken broth--yummy).

Then took a ridiculously long nap this evening starting around 4? Woke up when Marcus asked if I wanted to eat at 8... and here I am (0237)... but I'll be heading to bed soon. Can you believe it's already been two weeks? I can...

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Sarah said...

I am proud of you! I love it! I have a Giada red huge one from Target and would die without it :) Go you!!! Glad to get caught up reading your bloggings tonight, I feel like we just spent time together :) Love you!