07 March 2011

What a day...

It definitely had its ups and downs. My appointment was quite uneventful (for once, it's a miracle!). Although I thought that my swelling was going down fairly well, but Dr. Elyassi wasn't that impressed. It was pretty busy this morning at the clinic though, because it took me an hour to be seen, and then, I wasn't even seen by Dr. Elyassi until the very end (and Dr. Closmann was nowhere to be found!). I don't mind, it's nice to not be the high priority patient with something wrong.

I asked about being wired for 4 weeks, banded for 2, or how it would work out...and he said that he wants to play it safe and keep me wired the whole time. I took this opportunity to say that the ortho people scheduled an appointment for 4 April to get my surgery wires to be taken off. Dr. Elyassi said we'll keep that appointment. At first on the way home I got excited because I thought it was 5 weeks of being wired, but it's one day shy of 6 whole weeks. *sigh* Speaking of being wired, this means I'm scheduled to come back to work March 25, and I'll be "working" for almost 2 weeks while being wired shut. It brings up all sorts of feelings, but just kind of uselessness. I mean, Capt Odom told me that he was having me switch with another person so said person could get trained. So I'll be working briefer again, which is no biggie--except answering the phone. The neverending phone with pilots who always need something. :/ But when I told Capt Odom about my wires not coming off until April 4th, he asked about my con leave being extended. I didn't really think twice about that, but I double checked with Dr. Elyassi and he said we would extend it. I asked if any of his patients return to work wired shut (instead of being banded shut). He said it depended on how I feel towards the end, and how much talking I do at my job. HA! So I emailed the person in charge of scheduling to give them a heads up, and requested they keep someone on the schedule with me to answer the phones, since I cannot. We'll see... a lot in the air.

Anyway, enough about that madness! I felt so great after the appointment we actually headed to the commissary (we tried that last week, it didn't work out so well). So we bought lots of soups :O *surprise!* and some chocolate pudding, and more laxatives. This trip with the commissary gave me an opportunity to get creative. Let me tell you about some sweet successes....
-this pudding I got--Kozy Shack chocolate pudding, is amazing. Add a little bit of milk, mix it up--and I can eat it with a spoon! No syringe needed! I can actually eat it through my teeth. Yummy.
-Macaroni & cheese: I made some for Zeke and then added some extra milk and cheese to a little batch and into the food processor. As Marcus put it, it was a cheesy pudding. It was rough getting it into the syringe and through the teeth, but it was yummy. And fulfilled my craving for mac and cheese.
-Dinty Moore Beef Stew: I added a little bit of beef broth, and again into the food processor. Yummylicious. Not as hard to get through the syringe, but still had some rough spots. But again, so yummy, it's totally worth it.

Water jogging! Marcus took the kid and I to Kaimana's and I did two laps back and forth jogging in about stomach deep water (finally got to use the sun hat!). It was 18 minutes of some good cardio, a prelude to my 30 day Shred return tomorrow.

Quiet time! Rachel and Janyne came over to watch the kid (Marcus gave mom the day off once we got back from appt/commissary) and after we ate dinner and everything--he took me to Manoa's CB&TL for a good hour of some quiet time. It was nice, and I definitely appreciated it.

Overall a great day. And in Four Weeks, I'll be wire free. :)

A reminder tonight to keep it simple, Ps 27:4
One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

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