21 March 2011

What. A. Day.

Today was my beloved appt at Tripler.

In less than 2 weeks (since it's already 10pm), I'll be free of my wires. I know it won't be time for steak and raw carrots, but it'll be clean on the inside of my mouth, and no food getting stuck in my teeth when I eat blended soup.

They also tightened my wires (blast it all!) I knew they had to, but I was soo hoping they would cut me free, let me brush my teeth, and then re-wire. NOPE. I guess the more they mess with the wires, the greater chance of popping a bracket off. I left in pain. Plus the fact I tried to show them how much I could open my mouth when I yawned, and my left side popped. Boo. That hurt all day. And thankfully, gave me some more strong meds for the rough days. And told me that the mark on the side of my mouth should go away without scarring, so I just keep putting neosporin on it. They also took the tape off my "under the chin" scar. Told me to start putting spectra gel on it, and keep it out of the sun. It's kind of like a one-sided chin lift. bwahaha.

Then M & I headed for our weekly commissary run, and dropped by Costco on the search for some delicious Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino...
But alas, there was none. Only carrot juice and then pomegranate juice. Then I called the Hawaii Kai one, same deal. *sadness* Thankfully, Tripler's snack stand has the vanilla chai one, but sadly no mocha cappuccino.

Headed home and took a short nap until Sherri came over. We were gonna watch Inception, but it didn't work out, so we started watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. That is one crazy movie. I think I liked Singing in the Rain better.

Randomness until meeting Angie at Glazers to go over Proverbs 21.

Every time Marcus works swing shift, I generally stay at home and mope around. This afternoon was much better --hanging out with people, was good. Although, I keep thinking that I'm always going to beat the hubster going to bed, but it doesn't always work out that way (M gets off in half an hour)...so much for that one.

See ya'll on the flip-side.

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