25 March 2011

What. A. Day. Too.

Is it sad that "What. A. Day" was the name of the blog for Monday? haha. Hence the "too."

Today was my first day back (Thanks Sarah for the best wishes). Needless to say, I had no idea what to expect. I expected a lot of questions, and perhaps funny faces as I ate or tried to talk. I did not expect to be so rushed getting out the door, that I'd forget to take my flexiril. Normally I take it first thing in the morning with my breakfast drink (to my horror, there was no Carnation Instant Breakfast left... although I swore I had one package left). But because my night ended later than I expected last night, I was trying to make sure I didn't take this morning one any sooner than the 8hrs...and while I calculated in the shower that I was fine, I failed to remember to go back and take it.

Big. Mistake.

Walking into work I turned some heads. I thought I'd stick around for the big shift change, only for the internet to not be working, so they did individuals, and off I went to find an "admin" computer I could use. People asked how I was, I told them I'd forgotten to take my meds this morning. People asked why I was at work if I was still in such "bad condition," I informed them I was under the impression we were strapped for people (but apparently not so much). It was good to go back, took care of some things that needed my attention (you know, random taskers). Also got my training RIP that was due tomorrow, but we're trying to do a DEROS curtailment to make it easier for me to come back to HI to travel with the family to KY.

Needless to say, by 7 hrs into work, my pain was up quite a few levels... and I walked into my commander's office. I informed him that my direct supervisor who was writing my schedule said that I was non-essential until April 4th (the day my wires come off, I'll be in at work at 1400). I told him that although part of the high pain level could have been because I had failed to take my medicine, and I was willing to give it a try on Monday with the meds in the morning, there is a possibility that there indeed is just too much talking at my job, and I would not be returning to work until after my jaw is free. He was definitely more willing to accept this, when I told him that my doctors were surprised I was returning to work wired shut, and my doctors would be more than willing to support another bout of convalescent leave.

I walked out relieved. Debated going to the commissary to pick up essentials (Carnation Instant Breakfast of course! Along with french vanilla yogurt [easily eaten at work without having to blenderize it], and pulp-free calcium OJ). I opted to stop by while I was already on base, because it could come in handy should I return to work on Monday, and for whatever reason, have to pay for work pain this whole weekend.

Thankful for a relatively short drive home (state holiday--took Dillingham), as soon as I walked in the door, flexiril and oxycodon in my mouth. Thank goodness. I needed to rest a little to let the meds kick in, since the David Crowder concert would be in 4 hours. It took a while to finally rest and fall asleep, and it was only for a short bit (about 30-45 minutes), but worth it.

Worship was totally awesome. I missed our church's worship night last week since I had taken flexiril and passed out. So this was a chance for me to just worship, between me and God. Some people went for the concert, to see the man David Crowder, or whatever. But I went to worship. And it was good.

And I got home, and was starving. After eating 2 donut holes (breaking into pieces and stuffing into my hole on the right side), drinking a glass of milk, 1/2 cup of blended baked beans with some water (to thin it out), and almost a full glass of iced tea--I was, "full." Which makes me think perhaps my stomach is only 18oz big or something. Weird thought, I know. But still. Would you be full after eating that?

Well, that's all I got. I recommend you check out any music by David Crowder. He's definitely a gifted worship leader, and songwriter. Some favorites are: Shine, You are my Joy, How He Loves, Undignified, Here is Our King, O Praise Him, and definitely, Like a Lion.

For your enjoyment: Shine

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Sarah said...

Hahahaha!!! Too much talking at your job :)That made me laugh, also.... the word blenderize is awesome!