20 April 2011

The chef in me....

The whole B-word (budget of course) has, as hubby said, "brought out the cook in me."

Since our meat for the last meal of the week went bad (apparently the veggie tray is not the place to store meat), and today being the last day of the "week" before grocery shopping tomorrow, I had no choice but to run to the freezer for tonight's dinner. And going with the hubster's goal of "cleaning it out," it worked rather well. Sauteed some of our Kirkland stir-fry veggies with sesame seed oil, shoyu and some oyster sauce. Then marinated some salmon patties in same sauce, popped in fridge. Cooked up some boiled eggs (to make deviled eggs tomorrow!), and made some cheese tortillini for the kid. After hubs got home from work, we headed out for a "short" walk, but it was worth it. Nothing beats that feeling after working out. While he started to shower, I started the George Foreman and cooked the salmon fillets. Ah yes, while starting the stir-fry, I got the rice cooking in the cooker.

Needless to say our Salmon stir-fry came out delish, and in an effort to get ready for the slightly modified cave-man diet, I didn't eat any rice.

I'm thinking 21 days of cave-man diet... we'll see how it goes. I'll especially be missing my milk and cheese, but Spring assures me that you can have some stuff in moderation... but cutting out the refined carbs I think will help me a lot. Tomorrow's a new day, of shopping for additional items like coconut flour, almond flour, coconut milk (and ice cream!)...

But the base of my meals will be e-mealz low carb... perhaps with some moderations...but I might not really need much changing. This week's menu: Buffalo Chicken with dinner salad, orange marinade steak with cucumber, tomato and avocado salad, rosemary chicken with cheesy broccoli, and lastly the "quick" meal: salsa steak salad. I'll let you know how it goes. I might trade in that rosemary chicken for a rotisserie chicken, so I can have salsa chicken salad... I don't think steak will go over too well for me :)

Ahh, I was wondering why it seemed short, apparently for four holidays a year, they shorten the meals to 4... Easter being one of those holidays. Too bad I work, hope the Easter bunny stops by the ops floor :P

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