13 April 2011

E-Mealz, in Hawaii...

Some of you might have read my previous post about how much I love E-mealz. I felt a little hypocritical, since I've been a member for almost 3 months now, and yet I'd only made ONE meal from their thing, and my first and only attempt to do the meals turned to mush (back in the day, before my surgery).

But this season is all about saving money for our upcoming move (think mortgage payments while the place is on the market). Needless to say, the B-word was on the hubby's mind. Budget.

I'm not good with a budget. Mostly I don't overspend, but still. I don't really keep track of my money, I just spend (and put some in savings!). Anyway. The goal is to spend $125/week on groceries and household items (toiletries, etc). He had wanted me to wait until "payday" to go shopping, but I am not about to fight payday traffic at the commissary, I figured I could pay off my credit card when I get paid.

I'm happy to report that I spent a mere $78 on a week's worth of groceries (well, 5 dinners and some miscellaneous items), AS WELL AS some household items. Yep, $42 under budget. I was skeptical about E-Mealz saving me a ton of money, but this might have been one of the cheapest commissary trips in a loooong time. And, I don't have to think about cooking dinner, just follow the plan. Okay, I confess, I still have to buy a rotisserie chicken from Sams Club. so I'm like $36 under budget. :D I told hubby to wait until the full "week" was over, since there will be some random staples I'll have to pick up (milk for me and kid), but still. That's exciting. My first week on a budget!

Just one more reason why

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Sarah said...

I wanna hear about the meals after you make them!!! :)