09 April 2011



I don't know where this came from, probably because yesterday I didn't sleep til 5am, and again I'm left without a body in bed next to me thanks to hub's mid-shift... but I started to get excited about cooking.

It started earlier this week... In an attempt to save money, and be responsible and perhaps prepare for the furloughs and delayed paychecks, hubby determined we were going to eat all the food in the house, before getting more. Now that's quite the feet, since I'm a little hoarder. I buy random things when I'm shopping that I stash in the freezer or pantry for a rainy day, and yet I don't do anything with them.

Thinking about the food we needed to eat (believe me, there's a hodge podge of items to be devoured), I remembered I had a hunk of meat in the freezer. Completely freezer burned or what not, but I had bought it out of the clearance freezer at the commissary with the intent of throwing it in the crockpot. And boy was I going to do that! My dear friend Momma Heada had shared her tried and true crock-pot pot roast recipe. I got home from work yesterday (around midnight) and started getting it all together. Taking out the crock pot, getting the meat out (I had put it in the fridge 24hrs earlier, thinking it might do something)...getting the bowl ready to mix the cream of mushroom and french onion mix... and then I had a problem. Only ONE can of CoM. Her recipe clearly called for TWO cans, for a 5lb hunk of meat. Granted mine was only 3.5lb or so, but I knew if I only did one can, it'd end up too french oniony (I think I made this mistake earlier, when I tried to cook it by memory many moons ago). I panicked. This time I had no hubby to run out to 7-11 to get me a can (like he did last time)... I scoured the cupboards... I had: CoChicken, CoBroccoli, and Broccoli and Cheese. I was desperate. I debated. (I only cook certain items very well, otherwise I'm kind of clueless sometimes about cooking). I seriously debated about CoB... but in the end chose the CoC. Mixed the two cans, with one can of water and the french onion dip in a bowl. Added some hawaiian seasoning and diced garlic to the bottom of the meat...added some of the mixture to the bottom of the crockpot, dropped the meat in, covered it all up in sauce... and went to bed. (sort of, see earlier comment about not sleeping until 5am).

Holy smokes. Seriously, smelled amazing in the morning. Then I got to eat it at work, tasted great. I cooked it for 10hrs on low, since I can't really chew very well or for long periods of time... it was like shredded beef. Delicious, and the gravy I was freaking about-awesomeness. I got my own recipe now :) I also "used up" our three packets of Betty Crocker's homestyle red potatoes mix... with some frozen peas and carrots-made out with a real "hearty" meal for dinner.

Soo... now that I'm wire free, and kind of eating (I'm probably eating way too many things I shouldn't be)... I'm getting excited about E-Mealz. Really, this is one of the best things that anyone has suggested to me. Before my surgery, someone had overheard my conversation about how much money hubby and I waste between buying food, not cooking it, and eating out all the time. Said person suggested E-Mealz, so I checked it out, and I was hooked. I went home, looked up a coupon code, and paid $12.50 for 3 months worth of weekly meals. BUT it's not just weekly meals, it's meals, with easy recipes, AND a shopping list. Yeah, that's right. I don't even have to organize anything about. And for you Mainland people, it gets better. They actually customize some of their meal plans with the weekly ads of certain stores (Publix, Kroger, ADLI). Seriously, isn't that awesome? AND they have different kinds of meal plans, the biggest divider is between the family plans and the couple plans. Family gives 7 meals for 4-6ppl, "for 2" gives 5 meals for 2 plus leftovers for like lunch the next day. Then, they have speciality menus- low carb, weight watchers (titled portion control), low fat, and they even have vegetarian and gluten free menus!

So I guess I just wanted to share my excitement with the world. I am not so intimated by the task of saving money while I grocery shop, and I especially am looking forward to starting this up again... most likely for next (or this upcoming) week's commissary run.

Go ahead, just check it out... it won't hurt to look at their sample menus!

I <3 Emealz


The Smith's said...

Super excited about this! Will be checking into it. Thanks girlie. :)

Megan said...

Brenda, You're awesome!