05 April 2011


Well, I have been MIA recently...mostly because the day was coming for my wires to come off, and instead of being excited, or happy, instead I found myself mostly melancholy, depressed, and frustrated. I just got so tired of being wired shut, that all I wanted to do was go to sleep and wake up on Monday (that's gotta be a sign of depression, I was feeling that way since Friday!). Plus, I was getting tired of the foods I would normally eat to get me through-baked beans, milk, french vanilla yogurt... so I got drastic (adding PB and Jam to hawaiian sweet rolls and stuffing it little by little into the little hole), and just plain not eating. Though, that wasn't too fun, I found myself feeling noticeably weaker and lightheaded everytime I stood up.

Thankfully, I survived the weekend...not without getting emotional of course. Sunday I broke down looking at Moriah thinking that I wouldn't be here to see her walk...Sometimes it hits me at random moments that I only have four months left on island.

Last night I started to get giddy, like Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come... I took a late afternoon nap, did a load of laundry, watched some Drop Dead Diva with the family...then decided I should finally sleep (around midnight). Needless to say I woke up at 7am wondering why there was light outside, and quickly got out of bed and got ready. Did I look nearly as nice as I wanted to for my "freedom day"? Nope, not at all, no shower, barely brushed teeth, and out the door with a drink in hand for breakfast. My appointment was at 7:30 to have wires cut, and then 9 with the orthodontist. I arrived at 7:35 (thank goodness!).

Oh man, I was nervous. I was scared that I'd get into the chair and they'd say...well, we need to keep them on a little bit longer...

But thankfully they didn't. They talked about rubber bands (I knew that was coming), so it wasn't a big deal. Then when they found out I had an ortho appointment today, that made them happier and figured Dr. Jensen would just take care of the bands. So I got to brush my teeth twice. Once when they cut the wires (that was not super successful since I couldn't get the toothbrush inside my mouth), and second when the ortho people took the wires off my brackets, and let me brush and floss (little bit more successful getting the back of my teeth this time). Woah, my bottom teeth were so discolored! (okay, still are a little). The three brackets that had to be rebonded after surgery, were noticeably discolored and you could see the glue that was on my teeth...but thankfully they went ahead and took those brackets off, polished off the glue, and re-bonded them. Plus I lost a bracket on the top right today, so that worked out.

Back to having bands on the brackets (navy glittered color), and wearing rubber bands on both sides (different sizes though, that's an accident waiting to happen. J/K. A little.) And somehow even though they gave me TWO bags of each, I have already misplaced one bag...I blame the child. He has a reach that is crazy. Nothing is safe from him. Here's just hoping he doesn't open the bag, and eat the rubber bands (since he saw them in mommy's mouth when I took them out, and he tried to take those from me and put in his mouth--ay ya!).

After an exciting morning we stopped at Jamba for my favorite treat: steel cut oats, and then homeward bound. Overall, I got to enjoy some good stuff today: fresh squeezed OJ, steel cut oats, crab legs (Hubby did all the work for me, so blessed!), cooked peas and carrots, spicy ahi poke, a couple bites of fried chicken and rice, cherry yogurt (an absolute favorite of mine, but hard to eat wired shut due to chunks of fruit), one peanut butter m&m (I had to squish it flat, and then put in my mouth). Quite delicious.

Survived work, took a dose of ibuprofen and tylenol during, with some 'good stuff' once I got home. People commented on my makeup, weight loss, and being back at work. It was just nice being able to talk...

**beware! inappropriate comment below! Skip ahead to save your eyes!**
I'm glad that I'm free. As we were walking out after the whole morning, I told Marcus, "I even sound nicer now..." I've been quite the cranky pants... He told me, "well now that you're not wired shut, you have no reason to be a wench." I laughed and said, "yeah right, I'm still bleeding profusely from my vagina." He told me that should be a t-shirt.

That's all folks. G'night!

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Sarah said...

Hahaha! Love and blessings all around!! I'm happy for you my dear friend!