15 April 2011

Meal 2-Rotisserie Chicken & Broccoli

I think I do these kinds of posts mostly for Sarah :)

Tonight's dinner was Rotisserie Chicken with Broccoli (the second half of the frozen bag from yesterday). I had to pick up the chicken from Sam's club (because it's $3 cheaper than the commissary!), and then went home. That's how easy dinner was :) Okay, well I didn't cook the broccoli cause hubby was at work, I already had my veggies for the day, and kid had his own dinner my mom made for him. So my dinner was really the chicken with some baked yams (about to become a serious staple in my life!). You might think a WHOLE chicken is a little much for a "two people" meal plan, but you shred half of the meat and save it for a meal in a couple days. It brings our grocery + household bill to what, $80 now? haha. With some needed milk pickup and some more yams, we might get to $100 this week, but seriously... still $25 under budget, and waaaay less than what I would have normally spent on random food for the week.

I'll be cooking the broccoli and the other yam tomorrow...I think Capt Clegg has sold me on this "paleo" diet... but since it's a lot of fruit and veggies, it's a little hard for me (I can't eat raw veggies, and even had a hard time eating some sliced apple the other day...) but since we're on the "low carb" meal plan, there's not a lot of starches in the meals... so me adding the yams, is a paleo shout out :)

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Sarah said...

Oh! Oh! I sooooo want to do the paleo thing, but no way I can get the rest of the family on board :(