17 May 2011


Well, I was requested by my devout fan to make an update.

I keep thinking about things I should write about... school, work, God... but every time, going to sleep sounds way better than staying up to type. The only reason I'm doing this is because my mom took the kid tonight, even though I didn't go to prayer. It was a long, hard day... emotionally/physically (6.5hrs sleep).

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

Finished my SOS (Squadron Officer School) correspondence for my military professional development. Nice to have that off my back (even before I pin on Captain!).

Seems like the medical board is off my back. Got a phone call from my doctor this past Sunday, as he was going to start my paperwork. To my dismay, I told him about delaying surgery until Ft Campbell, and even then likely to do cadaver bone vs my own hip bone.

My captain promotion ceremony is June 27th, at the OClub's Polynesian Gazebo, 10am.

Go to Keesler for training late July. Head to Kentucky mid October (got my PCS orders!). It's been very interesting trying to "de-clutter" the house as hubby packs away things that I'm not ready to be out of sight. Goal is to sell the place before we move, but it makes things very complicated. I know God has a plan, I wish I could see it. :P

Speaking of plan. An officer I briefly had the honor of working with while I was a young 2d Lt was killed during the Kabul shooting. It hit me hard, he had three children and a wife. He was a gentlemen, an respected and knowledgeable officer. I'm still dealing with it. Trying to submit to God's sovereignty.

My next master's class starts next Monday. It's my 4th to last class. Woah. Took a break because of surgeries/SOS. Glad to have SOS done, it'll be nice to get this done...eventually.

Signed up for Firecracker Sprint Triathlon-June 26th. After trying to run today for PT, not sure how that will go (cardio wise I'm out of shape, mouth wise it hurts). It's frustrating. Healing. Slow process.

Alright. Time for bed. Night.

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Sarah said...

I am thankful for this update. I love you Bren and I'm proud of everything you're doing inspite of everything you've been through. Good news??? --- I'll be home for Christmas this year, so you can expect quite a bit of visiting time from me/us!