25 June 2011

Twas the night before...

The Firecracker Sprint Triathlon...and I'm thinking, "Man, I wish I had done more races...."

I was going through this catalog that has all the races in Hawaii, and I'm thinking that racing in KY & TN will just not be the same. My only saving grace is 1) My Tri Inspiration and mentor Neil will be living about 4-5hrs away from us and 2) there is a Half Ironman in New Orleans, April 2012. Baby, you better believe I want that thing. *sigh* then I think... but I have to have another surgery...will that get in the way of *another* half ironman?

Anyway. Tomorrow morning I will attempt to finish 500m swim, 20k ride, and 5k run. Now, I don't really run since that one time I totally overdid and was in lots of pain for like 2 days and went back to see the doctor. But I have a feeling I have too much pride in me to not at least *try* running tomorrow morning. Let's face it, 3 miles is a long distance to just walk... you know? haha. Perhaps good training for my PT test July 8th. Ay ya! That's another procrastination story...

I'll probably wake up with that "racer's regret" - I get it every morning when I wake up early. The whole, "WHY do I put myself through this?!" haha. I pay money, to be in pain, and get a tshirt. Niice.

Okay, gotta get some rest...

Did you know the second night before the race is a big deal for sleep? So not the night before the event, the night before that. Just FYI. :D

08 June 2011

Wish List :)

Well, if you know me, you probably know that my birthday is coming up. And I love presents!

If you were in the market to get me something and were stuck...
I have a wishlist on Amazon.com and on NOTW/C28.

And of course, I'm always a big fan of straight up ca$h. Bwahaha.

Or if maybe you wanted to get a, "Congrats on making Captain" gift...haha. Kind of a joke, since Captain is for people that don't screw up in the first 4 years :) But it's not keeping me from celebrating big time! Granted, most of it is a big deal since our whole family is here, my mom, M's parents, and his uncle and family...Kinda cool.

Anyway, I need sleep. Long story, kid isn't napping, but I'm about to just pass out and let him reign in his room...

05 June 2011

Momma & Kid

We took this pic in bed this afternoon. I was trying to nap before a mid shift, and he woke up a little cranky after his nap. I like it. It took 4 tries to get him to look at the camera (he was distracted by ipad playing Backyardigans)... but this is my favorite of him with his cheesy grin.

I can't believe he'll be TWO next month!