08 June 2011

Wish List :)

Well, if you know me, you probably know that my birthday is coming up. And I love presents!

If you were in the market to get me something and were stuck...
I have a wishlist on Amazon.com and on NOTW/C28.

And of course, I'm always a big fan of straight up ca$h. Bwahaha.

Or if maybe you wanted to get a, "Congrats on making Captain" gift...haha. Kind of a joke, since Captain is for people that don't screw up in the first 4 years :) But it's not keeping me from celebrating big time! Granted, most of it is a big deal since our whole family is here, my mom, M's parents, and his uncle and family...Kinda cool.

Anyway, I need sleep. Long story, kid isn't napping, but I'm about to just pass out and let him reign in his room...

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