27 July 2011

Along the way...

Saying goodbye at the airport was hard...but mostly because the kid was going nuts from being in his stroller and not having free reign of the airport :) Finally, after walking from American to Hawaiian Airlines, I figured I should let hubby off the hook and let him go home with kid. But I had a feeling he was gonna leave me anyway, even if I hadn't "okay'd" it :P

Love the hubby...

"Cheeeese!" :D Love the kid.

Some of you might know, my flight out of Honolulu heading to Keesler for my training was delayed by 2hrs. This caused me to miss my original flight out of LA to Dallas, thus missing my flight to Gulfport...

So, after at least an hour at the ticket counter of the lady trying to scramble to get me on Continental's flight, their flight, I eventually made it out of Honolulu around 10pm, on Hawaiian Airlines. My layover in Dallas was a blessing, since Trish & Matt decided to use their Sunday to drive to Dallas (about 2hrs), to take me out to dinner at In & Out (nom nom nom!).

Here's some pics from that day...
The Matterns: We're such a random set of friends, but still blessed by their friendship!

Yummy...In & Out (added grilled onions!) w/chocolate shake :)

Day 1- Couch to 5K

Well, today was day 1 of the Couch to 5k program. Basically, 5min brisk walk warm-up, then 8 sets of 60 sec jog and 90 sec walk (totally 25 min workout). I'm glad I'm doing this program. I think if I were on my own trying to get back into running (I'm finally at that "cleared" point again when I can run with my jaw healing), I would push too far, too fast, too hard. Ending up injuring myself or something. So, it's good to do this with a plan, and slowly :) Granted, I should (and hopefully will) continue to do some "hard" cardio when I'm not Couch to 5k-ing it... like elliptical, swimming, and biking. I'm just glad I have this other officer in my building that helped motivate me to workout. Plus we walked to the track (instead of driving), so that was my 5min warmup. Afterwards, I attempted his ab workout (phewey! I could only do 38 situps in a minute after my track workout :/ which is barely passing my Air Force fitness PT test minimum). Like I said, glad to have a workout "buddy" I guess. We'll see.

There are a couple classes offered at the other gym I'd like to go to, like a "Core" class, Zumba, an "CC30/30" (30 min cycling/30 min circuit training), and a "EFX45" (45min high intensity cardio class). We'll see how those go, they're only offered after 5pm, which today I worked out around 4 and it was nice. Although, this tiredness and lack of sleep through the week, I decided to stay home (instead of going to Calvary Chapel's midweek service). So perhaps I'll keep the CT5K workouts for W/F/Sun so I can do gym workouts in the latter evening hours without missing fellowship and the word. For now, there's always podcasts :D.

I had intentions of posting some pictures for a faithful reader, she's so stuck on seeing pictures of my room (it's like a hotel 6 really)...but I can't seem to find the picture uploader thingy. Don't tell the hubby... ah hah! Praise the Lord. Right as I was typing "Don't tell the hubby," I remembered what "unforgettable" place I put... and here are the pictures of my room!

Entrance to my room... (on the 5th floor...I often take the stairs...)

Right when you walk in, looking to the right.

When you walk into the room, on the left side is a closet, decent sized (I guess it's walk-in, since I can walk in it :P)

Coming in through the door, past the closet. Beyond the fridge on the left is the bathroom.

Bathroom. Small, wish the sink was a little lower (I'm used to Hawai'i's short sinks I guess :P)

View from the bathroom.
I also have a mailing address down here. So if you want to send packages, flowers ;) lemme know... I'll email it to you.

That's it for now. Prayer request for faithfulness with time: quiet time in morning (getting ready in time), going to bed on time (to help with earlier statement/awake in class/learning), & working out.

Good night!

26 July 2011

Third Generation Pics

I can't wait to show these to you! (And for us to see the rest of them, these are sneak peek!).

Our friend Amanda Hamilton took them...and we are really pleased with her patience and professonalish. Thanks girl!

24 July 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Perhaps the hardest thing about being in the military, separation from family. Before, leaving Marcus was hard, now it's even harder leaving a 2 year old. :(

I'm trying to think that it's like a 2-month vacation ... you know, I'll have all this time to do whatever I want... and all that jazz. But, it's family! I'll have lots to keep me busy, training, working out, finishing up this class, Calvary Chapel Gulf Coast... but still. Sitting here in the Dallas Airport, looking at our family pic... makes me miss them.

Time to head to the gate and do some more hw reading.